Speaking in code is fun

My husband attempted to tell me tonight about a potential hunting trip he got invited on over my birthday weekend. It's several weeks away and he started out trying to figure out if we already had plans that weekend. He does this because I am his walking talking Day Runner. I even store social security numbers.

So first he asks, Do we have anything going that weekend? This is code for: I've got options that don't include diapers or sippy cups. Give me the green light to lock those plans in. But I just bought those football season tickets so go ahead and remind me if there's a home game that weekend. You're awesome. Love you.

I said, You mean, besides my birthday? This is code for: Last year we went to your sister's wedding on my birthday. The wedding was fun and I didn't have a problem with it being her day because she's nice and I like her. But that was then and this is now.

So then he's all, Some guys I know are going hunting. This is code for: Dude, I'm so clueless it's almost sad. I'm about to act like your birthday can be scheduled around hunting season.

So then we did our psychotic talking crotch impersonations of each other and now we're done. We mostly got distracted from the issue. It's hard not to when you're pretending your crotch talks.

My husband probably figures I'm mellow 99% of the time anyway so it'll be all good. I figure I'm the walking talking Day Runner so it's not like he'll remember the trip on his own. He and I work well together.


Gloria said...

LOL Would a hunting trip be a treat for your birthday, you think? Maybe he could hunt something down for you and present it to you ala "Me caveman, you cavelady, this food. Happy Birthday".

Happy Working Mom said...

That's funny...hubby and I do the same sort of code. I sometimes wonder why we bother...just come out and say what you want to do!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why he even needs to ask you

a happier girl said...

Yeah, him leaving town for two days isn't my idea of a birthday treat. And I'm not sure why we bother to speak in code either. We're generally very direct.

anonymous - Hello, my sweet. You are funny as always. Nice of you to stop by. Love you.

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