Everyone to the car

This week is starting off really well. To begin with, it's only 4 days long. On top of that, I found out I got another promotion at work. That's on top of the temporary promotion I got a month ago. Which was on top of the new assignment I got two months before that. This probably makes it seem like I'm on some fast track to being an uber important person but really not so much. My primary duties will still be locating and rating cake in the building. Or at least those are the primary duties inside my head. I'll just be getting paid more. And the new promotion will include more schedule flexibility than my current temporary promotion. Currently, I have to use an alarm clock to get up in the morning. Before my temporary promotion, I didn't. Which makes it sound like I was sleeping til noon everyday but I can assure you that was not the case. I have 2 small children. One of them is in diapers. The odds of me getting to sleep until noon everyday are about as good as my chances of getting on America's Next Top Model.

Prior to my temporary promotion, I got to come to work whenever I wanted instead of having to be there at a certain time. Within reason. That pretty much eliminated the concept of being late. I discovered since having kids that this is essential to my morning routine. I struggle to get out the door in a timely fashion with 2 small kids. I tend to do a lot of herding. Herding down the hall. Herding to the door. I also tend to address the group as "Everyone." Except the group is literally two children. One of whom is 18 months old and has very limited verbal skills. "Everyone" seems sort of stupid when you put it in context like that. But I don't let that stop me. Everyone to the car. Everyone in their seat. Everyone calm down. That's a very important one. Far less effective than "Everyone to the door" but I don't let that stop me either.

My husband normally handles mornings with the kids. He sets a leisurely pace since he goes into work much later than me. They walk the dogs, wrestle on the floor, watch Daddy floss his teeth, check the scouting reports for this weekend's games, etc. I even get a morning conference call with the group during breakfast and another during the boisterous ride to daycare.

However, this week my husband has been heading into work early leaving me in charge of mornings. This is when I miss my flexible schedule the most. Lost sandals to find. Backpacks to check. Important crap to load in the car. And no one ever wants to walk directly to the car and climb in. This morning was an impromptu game of tag in the driveway. Once in the car, there was a debate over ownership of a book found in the no man's land between the car seats and I think someone may have thrown half a banana under the passenger seat. No more morning duty for me. Everyone back to your regular schedules.


Joy, of course said...


I know I can always come here for a smile. Are you this funny in your real life.

For one week this summer I hearded all 4 of my children and myself out the door at a certain time each morning to work at VBS at my church. It was awful. Now I am down to two and it's marginally better. This does get better as they get older. Sorta.

~Virginia~ said...

Congrats on the newer promotion! :)

Hopefully you can get back your somewhat leisurely mornings...it sucks having to be at work at a particular time. Every now and again (to buy myself a bit extra shut-eye), I tell the office the day before that I'll be doing such-and-such at a different building on campus in the morning. :)

micpro said...

You made me snort diet coke up my nose. Thanks for so eloquently immortalizing on paper the bumbling idiot that I now realize I sound like when I tell my own two 'everyone's' to calm down.

Sarah said...

Yeah, having to round up the kids is like having to herd cats. They're slippery little suckers, aren't they?

a happier girl said...

joy - Thanks. And wow. I barely get my two kids out the door on time. I can't imagine how early I'd need to start getting ready to get 4 out the door. You go girl.

virginia - Thanks. I hope my leisurely mornings return soon. This morning I overslept and ended up 30 minutes late for work.

micropro - I have no idea why I tell them to calm down. Although telling the 18 month old to back away from spilled tortilla chips was way dumber.

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