Happy but slightly suicidal

It was a good news/bad news sort of weekend. The good news being that I got the assignment I interviewed for last week at work. Speaking coherently and having a point are, apparently, attractive qualities. The new assignment is already sparking my interest and seems super positive all around. I can’t believe I ever regretted putting in for it. I really am insane.

The bad news is my husband left yesterday to go out of town for work. Again. This time for five weeks. The training is part of a recent promotion for Scott. It’s a long awaited step up for him and a really awesome opportunity. Five weeks is a small price to pay for all that. That's the pep talk I'll be giving myself for the next five weeks when the kids are climbing all over me while I try to make dinner. And fold laundry. And wash my hair. And take the trash out. Seriously, kill me now.

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