Things are hectic at work. My house is a disaster area. I served chicken nuggets for dinner the last two nights. And I lack the energy to get me out of the "I don't feel like doing anything" cycle. Last night, I didn't even bother to go through my kids' backpacks. Usually I look through for papers from that day or dirty clothes. Not last night. Didn't care. Figure they'll still be there tommorrow anyway.

I think I had a headache last night. I think I've been having trouble sleeping. I think I feel like there's too much to do and no time to do it. When my husband asked me what was wrong, I said I was frazazzled. Sort of frazzled but bigger and shinier. Like if someone took a bedazzler and attached little rhinestones to frazzled.

My husband had the wisdom to just nod and offer me Tylenol PM. He also had the wisdom to not ask if I was having a "wings moment." That's crazy husband code for having your period. You know. Now with wings! Give it a second.

I won't bother mentioning any of my crazy husband's other clever little euphamisms. In fact I sort of feel obligated to not make fun of him because that man went out and bought me flowers this morning and dropped them by my office. Flowers say I love you. Flowers at work say I want the whole world to know that you are loved. I've promptly assumed a less frazazzled demeanor. And that man shall have his back scratched this very night. And maybe I'll fold his laundry. My Thursday just got all kinds of awesome. And it'll only get better. Because tonight is Survivor. Followed by The Office. And The Office is all new! And Jim and Pam are going on a date. Or they did. Or who knows. Yeah for Thursday!


Mel said...

Frazazzled! What a great word! I made up my own word last night: telepathetically. :)

Elizabeth said...

My husband calls it "having your moon time". It's quite ridiculous.
Glad to hear your day is looking up!

Christy said...

That is sooo sweet that he sent flowers to work! He should give my Hubby a lesson or two ;)

Relax and enjoy survivor. I will be glued to my tv too tonight!

childlife said...

You need to trademark that one : )

Happy Working Mom said...

Flowers at work is so sweet!!!

And there's nothing wrong with chicken nuggets multiple nights in a row :)

T with Honey said...

TGIF - Hope your feeling better today!

a happier girl said...

mel - Thanks. I like telepathetically, too.

elizabeth - Never heard of "moon time." Funny.

Christy - I know! He officially scored big points. I was very touched.

childlife - Good idea! Maybe I should register the doman for frazazzled.com too!

happy working mom - Thanks. Sometimes I feel like the world's crappiest mom serving nuggets multiple days in a row.

t with honey - I'm glad it's Friday too. And I'm happy to report I'm feeling significantly less frazazzled.

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