My brain is mushy today

Could the producers over at Survivor do America a favor and hand out sports bras to all the ladies? I realize their little "Let's drop them off with the clothes on their back right this very second" trick is kind of shocking and fun. But, honestly, watching that mud pit challenge with ladies without proper support was kind of sad. Chick that scored the first point last night did it without a top on. Which, if you're male, might sound kinda hot, but it's really not. Mainly because they blur it out. But also, because she didn't know and she's just trying to roll a ball and what on Earth. Give the chicks sports bras already.

I'm glad the wrestler chick got voted out. I'm not saying the other guy on her team, Dave, isn't annoying. Because, dude, way annoying. Not to mention bad people skills. But you can't vote your guys out. The other team has Aaron the mega stud and grave digger superhuman dude. You'll need all the help you can get to beat them. Plus, the wrestler chick was annoying to live with. That's always the kiss of death on Survivor. And so is wearing a bandana for a shirt.

The Office was also on last night. Can I get a boo-yah on Jim and Pam finally dating! So sweet! And they're not allowed to break up. None of that stupid Friends "we were on a break" crap. Memo to The Office producers: Think of something else to do with them besides breaking up. Have Pam get pregnant. Have Jim contract a vicious skin condition. Have leprachauns fly in a window and take the entire office hostage. Just don't torture us with random breakups.

And finally, the ultimate guilty pleasure, America's Next Top Model. The evil hags on there need to stop making fun of the girl with Asperger's syndrome. If you watch the show you know Asperger's is a mild form of autism that makes socializing very difficult. You would most likely know that from watching the show because they've beaten us over the head with that info about a million times. I wasn't rooting for her initially. I mean she's pretty and I definitely think she's overcome challenges. But everything felt a little too after school special-ish. Not that I have anything against after school specials. Watched plenty in my time. But I change the channel on them now. I'm anti establishment like that.

But last night several hags didn't have the decency to make sure Heather was out of earshot before they started trashing her. Suddenly I'm on her side. Back off, catty wenches. And I like how the Yale girl wants us to know she doesn't talk about Heather behind her back. Because that's wrong. It's okay, however, to sit there and listen to other people trash her without telling them to shut up. Very nice. Go, Heather! See, how committed I am. I've even learned your name. All the other brunnettes are still no name blurs to me. You go, girl.


Christy said...

I'm on Team Heather too! It just made me so infurated to listen to those other girls.

Kellan Rhodes said...

Oh crap - I missed Survivor and American's Next Top Model again! I'm gonna have to make a "what to watch" list like my daughter's do. I did see Grey's Anatomy (you don't watch that one) in between giving baths, paying bills and getting kids to bed. Remind me next week that Survivor is on!

Shan said...

I wasn't surprised that Ashley went home, but still annoyed since I had pulled her in the Survivor pool at work. Little annoyed to be out of the money already. I think you're right they should have sports bras for the ladies. Bring in Nike in exchange for a little promotional consideration. I'm sure the teacher is happy her students are getting a peek. And Jim and Pam..... sigh. Love them!

Ginny said...

I haven't had a chance to watch Survivor yet. My daughter dances till 8, plus i like to watch Smallville. I can't wait to catch up on it though. I don't have any favorites yet, too early for me.

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

My hubby was very upset that Wrestler Big Tits got voted off.

My Tivo didn't record ANTM. I'm pissed.

a happier girl said...

christy - Yeah, those girls are rude. Go, Team Heather!

kellan - I seriously missed everything until I got a DVR. I just tell it to record the entire season and I'm set. I'm kinda sorta addicted to it.

shan - Love love love Pam and Jim. Or should I say PB & J. And I like the Nike promotional consideration idea. I'm willing to allow the shameless product references if it will allow for the use of much needed sports bras.

ginny - Yeah, it's still very early. I'm still undecided on who to really root for. Although the grave digger still seems nice.

trenches - My DVR has done that to me. Just when you think you're DVR is the greatest invention ever it screws you over.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more about the sports bras. Good grief already! It's amazing how fast they start walking around in their bras and underwear on that show. Also amazing is how quickly their clothes become total rags.

a happier girl said...

Excellent point about how quickly the clothing turns into rags. So true. For example, those boxer briefs those guys are currently wearing for swimsuits, no way will those hold up. We'll be getting blurred screens on the groins soon.

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