Nothing like crappy reality television to brighten your day

Today is a better day. Sometimes you just hope it will be and then it isn't. But today really is. It didn't hurt that I got to turn off my brain last night and watch mindless reality television for several hours.

First, I watched Dick win Big Brother. I personally would have voted for Danielle. But whatever. At least it wasn't Zach. Or Amber. But that's okay because Amber's going on America's Next Top Model anyway. Although she apparently missed the tryouts for the new season because I watched the season premier for that last night too. I couldn't tell much from the first episode except that they've got this season's mean girl all picked out. And maybe an underdog or two. I can't decide who I'm rooting for yet. Someone needs to tell Tyra to reign it in though. She continues to be under the impression that the show is about her. Her song and dance number wasn't cute. I hope no one told her it was. It was bad. And annoying. And the amount of makeup she wears seems to increase exponentially with every season.

Finally, last night was the season premiere of Survivor. I will forever consider that a personal favor from the universe to give me a little pick me up. Because I love Survivor. Not in a "I wish I could go on the show" kind of way. Because I'm both lazy and prone to complaining if the temperature goes above 72 degrees while I'm sleeping. My love for the show is more along the lines of "I wish I could send my husband on the show with detailed instructions and play Monday morning quarterback from the comfort of my pillow top bed." So far I like the grave digger. Although he's quiet so I figure he's screwed. I also like the Asian jewelry designer. Although she doesn't have bossy radar and seems unaware she's rubbing people wrong. But that's okay because the WWE wrestler is way more annoying. I feel confident her and her low cut top will get voted out soon. Hopefully the bleach blonde New York waitress stays forever though. Because, seriously, rolling your eyes at a Buddhist monk the first five minutes of the show tells me you're one to watch, girlfriend.


Christy said...

I missed Top model, and I missed Survivor (because we had to hook our computer up to the TV to watch a silly NHL pre-season game). I get grouchy when I miss my shows :(

oh amanda said...

Loved your recap. And you are SO right about the blondie from NY. She was ROLLING her eyes! I love it when she said, "I'm easily irritated." Makes me wonder if she's ever actually WATCHED the show before!

Chaotic Joy said...

So after successfully watching every stinkin episode of Big Brother just to be majorly irritated at the end when the Donatos were in the finale, we have decided to continue on with our foray into reality TV and watch Survivor. We are about 10 years late on this bandwagon.

Anyway, we thought the Wrestling girl was ridiculous. Husband called her "Boulder girl" because her breasts, while huge, seemed a bit, um, inorganic. Like rocks. Heh.

Okay, enough trashy talk for tonight. You are subverting me Happier Girl.

And I am thrilled you found a little happiness last night. You deserve it so.

Momish said...

I normally don't watch Survivor, but this season seems like it will more interesting. A different twist. Now I am sorry I missed the rolling of the eyes 'cause that's just classic!

childlife said...

: ) I was hoping Survivor would help!

I agree, the blond was too much! I really thought a couple of times from the look on her face that she was going to haul off and smack that monk when he kept re-positioning her hands!

I liked the grave digger too - hope he doesn't get cut early.

I also found myself wondering that why, after sooo many seasons of survivor would you go ANYWHERE as a contestant dressed in ANYTHING except practical clothing and practical footwear? Why? Why would you EVEN PACK heels?? Don't they see the 'nothing but the clothes on your back' thing coming? The minute they panned in for a shot of wrestler-chick's boots, I just KNEW!

Ginny said...

I can't watch Survivor because my daughter dances late that night, I have to watch it on Demand. I was bummed about Big Brother, even though out of the 2 I would have voted for Dick. Danielle drove me nuts, at least Dick was open about how he is :) I am glad it wasn't Amber though, can't wait to see her on Top Model, I might actually watch that season :)

Kellan Rhodes said...

I did catch Big Brother, but I missed Survivor (drats!) - but I plant on watching it. I liked the part where you wanted to send your husband (Ha!). I personally think I could do survivor - aside from the eating of any sort of bug. I love those reality shows too. I especially like American Idol.

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

We have the same TV watching tastes, sistah!

My Hubby LOVED the boobies on the wrestler chick (who would actually probably be pretty if she removed those piercings from her face!)

I wanted Daniele to win BB. Chick won 6 POVs!

Top Model? I'm rooting for the underdog girl with Asperger's.

a happier girl said...

christy - You are a good wife. My husband would appreciate that devotion to hockey.

oh amanda - Yeah, I'm not sure how the blond girl ended up on Survivor. Although, at least she wasn't wearing heels complaining about how dirty it was like the other lady.

joy - Thanks. And my husband made the same comment as yours. There's definitely been some enhancing going on in front.

momish - I predict rolling eyes girl provides good quality whining as we move forward.

childlife - I agree people should be smarter about the clothes on their back trick. Like the girl that said she didn't even have a bra on. Seriously, it's called a sports bra. Start wearing it as soon as you leave home.

ginny - I definitely appreciate that about Dick. Even being abrasive about it, I appreciated that he wasn't fake.

kellan - Yeah, I'm pretty confident I couldn't win a bug eating contest. I enjoy me some American Idol too.

trenches of mommyhood - It does appear we have the same taste in television! 6 POVs! I couldn't have said it better. And I like the Asperger's girl on ANTM too. I thought for like a milisecond I might like the Yale girl but then she started sounding snobby. She's dead to me. I like the girl from Howard with the good walk too.

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