How to be a jerk on national television

Last night, on Survivor, or as my husband refers to it with our kids, "Momma's show," the tribes swapped two people. Two total studs got sent to the tribe that's been losing. The original loser tribe members decided to intentionally throw the immunity challenge since their alliance was in the majority and could safely vote off the new guys since they would end up being the biggest challenge threats after the merge. I'm sort of with them on this strategy. It sucks because I actually kind of like the guys they're planning to vote out and it's always nice to have some eye candy. But I get the plan and maybe I'd have done the same thing.

I know for a solid fact, however, that I would not have laughed mid challenge while one of the guys in danger of being voted off is standing right next to me trying his hardest to win the challenge. That's after two other guys swam and dove and busted their butts to do their part in the challenge. The two guys fell to the ground panting when they were done with their part.

If you weren't prepared to do a good job pretending to try, why didn't you just come right out and tell them? They could have just forfeited the challenge or something and saved their energy. Instead they did all that work for nothing. Not only do you not feel guilty about it, you think it's funny.

The rudest part was laughing in their faces when the two guys confronted them about it later. They're worried about getting voted out. They tried really hard in the challenge. They care about trying to get further in the game. Seems like you could summon up a little common courtesy for them. Hello, self absorbed. Thy name is Jaime. I'm officially rooting for everyone but her. I guess that even includes the annoying Jean-Robert who's pretty self absorbed himself. But I'm willing to let that go for now. And I'm beginning to like Todd. Maybe it's just that he's polite. My standards have gotten low.

On a non reality television note, I can't decide if I like the hour long format for The Office. I will admit that I'm often left wanting more when the 30 minute shows end but sometimes the hour long seems just a little too much. Although I probably wouldn't mind an hour of just Jim and Pam. Last night was good but felt the tiniest bit stretched to last the full hour. I'm not into Jan. But I love Ryan. Almost as much as I love Dwight who's a total freak but I still wish he worked in my office. My husband said he wouldn't have gone to Dwight's bed and breakfast. This makes me think maybe we can't be married anymore because how could you not want to go see what a bed and breakfast run by Dwight would be like? Sheesh.


Chaotic Joy said...

We're totally on the same page today. We watched Survivor too and I was so mad at those two girls, I wanted to smack them. Okay, play your strategy, but could they be more heartless?

And you know how I feel about the office. I thought last nights show was pretty disappointing except for the Jim and Pam parts which pretty much turned me to mush.

childlife said...

I was hoping you would post a summary! Our satellite reception was interrupted by a monsoon last night so I missed the whole middle of Survivor. I was NOT happy. I missed the whole challenge part and I STILL didn't care for all their self-satisfied smirking. Hope the weather is better next week : P

a happier girl said...

joy - I kept hoping Erik would tell them how rude they were being. He seems sort of spineless.

childlife - So glad I could help with a little summary! Jaime in particular was the rude one. The other girl at least pretended to try.

Marlene said...

I clicked through a post you had recently written. I saw the pics in your flickr. Your daughters are gorgeous and I love the pictures you took of them in the crib.

The giant cupcake is amazing! You have a beautiful life :)

I know you can hear me... said...

I'm so glad that I wasn't the only one who thought that those girls were TOTAL jerks for doing that! And I have to agree with you - not telling them how rude they were being did make Erik look pretty whimpy.

a happier girl said...

marlene - Aren't you sweet! Thanks so much.

i know - I'm sure those girls are embarrassed right about now about how they acted.

Sara said...

You knew the B&B was going to be good when Dwight's brother ran along their car on the way up to the house.

(Found you via NaBloPoMo, btw. Hi!)

a happier girl said...

I know! That's when my husband was like, I'd turn around and leave. Whatever! Drive on, baby! You know it's going to be good when strange people run along next to the car like a dog. Thanks for stopping by!

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