Someday I will plan far enough ahead that I won't require Rush Delivery for Halloween costumes

The procrastinator in me lucked out. The job openings I couldn't decide about, yeah, they magically decided to give everyone until Thursday to put in for them. I will be stewing on the matter until late Thursday. Because I enjoy the thrill of the last minute, "Can't talk now. I only have three minutes left to finish my resume. I’ll call you back."

I spent the weekend folding laundry, washing dishes and trying to decide on Halloween costumes for my crew. Last year, I waited until like a week before Halloween. Can you say stress? Can you say Rush Delivery?

We’re going to be a garden. Or something like that. If I can ever win a spider costume on ebay that is. Apparently I’m not the only one that likes the Pottery Barn spider costume but would sooner die than pay the galactically unreasonable Pottery Barn prices. I need the rest of America with 18-24 month size children to just back off already because I need that costume.

My daughter is going to be a butterfly. I’ll be sure to bore the universe with the account of how I’m planning to pull that costume out of my magic hat this weekend. I ordered the wings online because even though Martha Stewart swears I can make them, get real. But I do have bright ideas about putting butterfly-ish dots on a black shirt and pants to give it that something extra. Because I’m all about something extra. Because I’m insane. And I’m also going to use a black headband to make antennae. This should explain why I really need to win the pre-made spider costume. Only so many hours in the day, people.

The cutesy garden theme is courtesy of the newest 4 year old who announced Saturday that she did not want to be a cowgirl. For the last 11 months, I’ve been mentally planning the Village People. We have two kids, two adults and two dogs to work with. That’s six. That screams Village People. Work with me, kid. Our Rottweiler wearing an Indian headdress is priceless all by itself. But then I found a little sailor suit costume with a little white Popeye hat for my son. Oh, heaven help me that little hat is cute. Let’s all just take a moment to summon up an image of an 18 month old in a sailor suit. Do not let yourself think practical thoughts like how he’d most likely take the Popeye hat right off his head. Ignore those thoughts. Just think cute, cute and more cute. Cute that will not see the light of day this year because cowgirl costumes are "yucky."

Technically, the newest 4 year old’s first suggestion was princess. Which I guess is cute. Except what about the other 5 people I’ll be dressing? What are they supposed to be? And my husband is a costume minimalist. As in, no face paint, no goofy hats and if you could think of a way to make sure he doesn’t have to wear anything besides black or gray that’d be awesome.

Luckily for us, princess costumes were mixed in with fairy costumes and let’s be honest, those fairy wings are very intriguing. Especially if you are 4 and you’ve never worn wings. So then we started discussing butterfly fairies. And then next thing I know she’s demanding to be a buttterfly. Couldn’t have worked out better if I had planned it. Unless there was a butterfly in the Village People. But whatever. There’s always next year. Or not.


Tessie said...

I demand to see a picture of that Rottie in a headdress, Village People or no.

Chaotic Joy said...

I haven't ordered our costumes yet either. Because I want Ben to be a fireman to go with the already adorable dalmation costume I have for my 15 month old. But Ben doesn't seem to understand how a fireman could posibly be as awesome as say, spiderman. Blegh. But a firefighter is coming to his school tomorrow and I am hoping that guy is mister cool and will seal the deal for me.

So I am dying to know. What will everyone else be? Bumble Bees? Flowers?

a happier girl said...

Tessie - I'll have to see what I can do. He's going to be the bug zapper in our garden. I feel that he will steal the show.

joy - Aren't you lucky a fireman is conveniently coming right before Halloween! I hope it seals the deal for you! Very cute idea! I'm still trying to decide on the other costumes in our garden. I'm going to be a bumble bee. Our Rottweiler is going to be a bug zapper. The other dog was originally going to be a flower and then my husband would be the gardener. But now I'm thinking maybe we'll go with a bug/insect theme instead of a garden. A coworker suggested this morning that my husband could get a fly mask and be a fly and then the other dog could be some other sort of bug like a ladybug or dragonfly. Pet costumes are kinda limited though so we'll have to see what I can do.

childlife said...

I stooped to reverse psychology... not pretty. Mine wanted to be Dora - yuck. We just did the Dora birthday. So I chimed in with, "Oh, good. Then you don't want to be the ladybug and your little brother can have the costume..." Made her cry... "Nooooo!! I do TOO want to be da ladybug!! Puh-LEEEEZE!! WAHHHHHH!!" I'm ashamed of myself but that Dora costume was hideous.

Good luck on EBAY!

a happier girl said...

Do not be ashamed. Been there. Done that. And lady bugs are so much cuter than Dora! Yeah!

Christy said...

Seriously!?! Your costume ideas make me feel more that inadequate. Unfortunatly as a child I didn't really like Halloween. I stressed out to much over costums, and what to be. Consequently my daughter don't get elaboratly planned costums. Last year in fact we did nothing *gasp*. I would just prefer to buy her a bag a candy the next day, am I totally horrible of what.

a happier girl said...

I don't think that's horrible at all. Everybody has their own things they get really into. Mine is Halloween. I always wanted to dress up with my kids. My mother and my husband both think I wildly overthink our costumes. My husband would be absolutely fine buying each kid a bag of candy and calling it a day just like you said.

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