All Hail Shamu

We came, we saw, we conquered Sea World. Here's the ubiquitous photo of Shamu to prove it:

And here's a cute dolphin we touched:

And my husband attempting to teach the sea lions to ask nicely for fish:

But enough about that. On to the important stuff. Here's my son screaming when we put him in the car seat at the start of the trip:

The screaming lasted approximately 15 minutes. That's a cheeseburger in his hand. My husband decided to shove cheeseburgers at anyone that cried instead of nuggets. When that didn't work he tried telling our 18 month old to stop crying. That makes me laugh just thinking about it.

The kids did pretty well in the hotel room. We had some moderate screaming the first night but nothing too bad. I take zero credit for that. It was my husband that talked our 18 month old into laying down. He also parted the Red Sea later that night.

The newest 4 year old thought she was at one extended sleepover party. She ate candy. She taught her brother to get out of the pack and play. She threw every pillow in the room on the floor between the beds and bounced off the side of the bed into the pile. Here she is using the bed as a trampoline:

I know. We look so normal. Let me fix that. When we got to Sea World before it opened I made everyone get out of the car and run towards the entrance like the Griswolds in National Lampoon's Vacation:

I offered to hum Chariots of Fire but my husband wasn't really down for that. He was, however, down for riding the rented stroller down a steep hill with our 18 month old:

Sea World was fun. I'd recommend it to anyone for good! clean! family! fun! Lots of stuff to see, clean bathrooms and the food isn't bad. The chick that sold me popcorn seemed like she hated her job quite a bit but everyone else was very friendly. And staying in a hotel with two small children didn't make me want to fling myself out the window. It was definitely more work. But still doable. But pack Tylenol just in case. And maybe some Benadryl if you know what I mean.


Christy said...

Glad it wasn't so bad :) I refuse to travel with my little one still, so you are braver than me.

I love the photo of inside the car, with your dog peeking over top of the seat. Priceless!

Shan said...

Love the pictures. And for the record I would have made everybody run to the gate Griswold style as well.

Anonymous said...

Love it. I love the picture of your son crying with the cheesburger.no, really. I love it. it made me laugh, out loud, and my boyfriend looked at me funny, so i had to explain to him why i was laughing.

your family seems really nice.

I know you can hear me... said...

Great pictures...and better than that, it looks like a good time was had by all!

Not Afraid to Use It said...

What a great post! I love the running across the parking lot pic. Too funny! Last month we braved taking a major vacation with the kids for the first time. Congrats to you for making it back in one piece and still being able to smile!

Midas said...

I've been thinking of going to Sea World. We got Six Flags season pass because it's closer.

I've never been to Sea World, but I think I'll go now.

a happier girl said...

christy - It really wasn't that bad. I'm not ready to backpack across Europe with the two of them or anything but it was fun.

shan - I'm glad I'm not the only one! The Griswolds reenactment totally cracked me up. My husband not so much. Weird.

mama - Thanks. The crying picture amused me too. Especially the cheeseburger shoved in his hand.

i know - Yeah, it was a fun trip. The 4 year old did really well. I look forward to the 18 month old getting a little bigger so that traveling with him will be easier.

no afraid - Congrats to you too! It's a lot more work traveling with kids. No wonder people with kids don't travel as much.

midas - Six Flags is significantly closer to us too. We like it too. Six Flags has more rides. Although we didn't get to ride anything besides the kiddie rides. But our then 3 year old had big big fun at Six Flags. Sea World is mostly about the animals with a couple rides thrown in.

Laura said...

I so know what you mean!!!! Excellent post. Glad everyone survived!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what great pictures! So happy you guys had fun and it wasn't a total disaster. I may be dreading the trip for Thanksgiving. I tagged you also - check out my blog to see the "rules" ;)

witchypoo said...

This happier stuff-looks like it's working! Wonderful pictures!

Offshore Wife said...

It looks like you and the family had a great time. I love Sea World and all of it's magic. I cannot wait to get back to the states and take our 3 year old. She will be 4.5 by that time. I bow to you for being brave enough to take an 18 month old anywhere. Oh, I remember those days and not too fondly.

a happier girl said...

laura - Thanks!

christine - I'm sure your trip will be fun too! And yesterday I had my first bout of NaBloPoMo writer's blog so I'm sure I'll be doing your meme soon.

witchypoo - Thanks!

offshore - I definitely think life will get a little easier for us when our 18 month old gets a little bigger. He was the really challenging one to travel with. And there really is some Sea World magic. I actually got a little tear in my eye when Shamu and the other whales came out. They're just so impressive and majestic.

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