On the road

Today we begin our sojourn to bow before the greatness that is Shamu. I'm estimating we'll spend 5 hours in the car. I'm going to preemptively take a Tylenol before we leave just in case.

On top of two adults, two kids and lots of crap we probably won't use, we're bringing our 100 pound Rottweiler with us. Some people have family jewels. We have Ike the Great:

He is priceless and therefore incapable of being kenneled. He requires a couch to sleep on and people to wait on him. Clearly, we need to drive across the state with him.

Last time we drove cross country with Ike, my husband made us stop every two hours. Apparently the dog's bladder shrinks to the size of a thimble when he gets in a car. Either that or my husband is a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow when it comes to that dog.

He also takes Ike for rides. They watch football together. They talk. They make out. You get the idea.

At least we get to drop Ike at my brother's house while we do Sea World. My husband has grudgingly agreed to this. I feel certain that pressed on the issue he would confess to having concerns about Ike potentially getting out the door and getting lost. But I guess he's going to man up for the sake of Shamu.

He also manned up on Halloween and slapped on a pair of overalls to be the gardener in our garden themed group costume. I feel he should have tucked a trowel in his pocket but, honestly, the dude's practically a saint on Halloween. You have no idea how fine he'd be with laying on the couch watching television in his underwear instead.

But it's all about the kids anyway. Here's the 4 year old butterfly:

I was going to doll up her shirt and pants with some paint. But the wings sort of steal the show so I went with less is more. Love it. Almost as much as I love chubby cheeked spiders:

Our garden even had flowers:

The Rottweiler was supposed to be a bug zapper. I had big plans for stapling plastic bugs to a white T-shirt for him. But, alas, the real world called and wanted to know when the hell I was going to get that done. Never would be the answer. So we called it a day:


Bart Bradshaw said...

Your kids are not only amazingly cute, but those costumes are awesome. Well done.

childlife said...

I love that your whole family does a theme - so cute! Those butterfly wings are incredible and your little spider steals the show : )

So a four-year-old, an 18-month-old, and a Rottweiler pressure cooking to perfection for 5 hours, huh? Sounds like a party in a box...

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Aww, I can't wait until John's home on a Halloween one year and we can do the whole family dress-up thing!

And Yay! for bees!

Look at my little bee!

Alpha DogMa said...

What is this trick-or-treating-without-mittens I keep witnessing? It does not compute. Why is no one trying to stuff a snow suit underneath their costume? You all look so civilized. I am boggled.

Type (little) a said...

AWW, you guys are so cute!

Julie B said...

aww I love your costumes! Your children are so adorable!

Good luck traveling. We just went cross-country this summer with our 80 pound lovebug (who also demands a seat on the couch)

Shan said...

I love the costumes! Very sweet.

a happier girl said...

bart - Thanks!

childlife - The baby costumes really are the best! People mostly laughed at me in my costume but the kids got lots of "Awwwww."

sarcastic mom - It's fun. I figure I'll enjoy it while it lasts because it won't be long before they're big enough to refuse to go with a theme.

alpha - Too funny. We do have the good fortune of getting to trick or treat without snow suits. Although we get the short end of the stick on fall foliage and snowmen. I guess you can't have it all.

type - Thanks!

Julie B - Thanks! Your 80 pound lovebug and our 100 pound lap dog should get together and nap.

shan - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

oh. my. freaking god. this is toooooo cute.

your husband makes out with the dog and mine makes out with his computer everynight. what a dork huh?

a happier girl said...

Thanks! Men are crazy. Although I dressed us all up as a garden so who am I to talk.

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