Pretend we're all standing by a watercooler and everyone's watching for our boss to walk by

There's no watercooler in my office. And my boss isn't even in the office today. But let's all pretend we're standing next to one and talk television anyway.

Project Runway: It's all about Christian. Is everyone up on that? Because he's fabulous. I realize I've only experienced a few minutes of him, but I've already decided he needs a talk show. Either that or he can come live at my house and be my new best friend. We'll do each other's hair and watch Dirty Dancing on Saturday nights. It'll be awesome. And I feel kind of bad Simone got eliminated before the ripped dress girl. Because ripped dress girl appears to be on the fast track to going home anyway.

Survivor: Peih-Gee, stop. Stop talking. Stop having opinions. Stop trying to be in charge. Just stop. And why in the name of Jeff Probst were you trying to be in charge during the ball bouncing challenge when your drum had the smallest top on it? Bigger drum = bigger surface area to bounce the ball on = back off if you have a small drum.

Amazing Race: I couldn't handle the Asian dad. Seriously, his daughter has the patience of a saint and remarkable tact handling their conflicts. I would have told my dad to shut up and then refused to talk to him the rest of the day. The Goths are officially one of my favorites. I don't even know why. Maybe I just wish I could go by the name Vixen, too.

America's Next Top Model: Yawn. Of course Ambreal got eliminated. It's been a long time coming. And Heather's moping was annoying. Ambreal gets ripped apart every week without yelling at anyone in the shower. But Heather's not winning anyway. My friend thinks she will because it'd make a nice after school special kind of moment because she has Asperger's. I think she's really pretty but awkward and her awkwardness will eventually be a problem.

The Office: It's hard to decide which was better, the "Ryan is hot" diary entry, the 11 photocopies for everyone to read or shoving Toby's lunch tray off the table when he tried to sympathize.


Shan said...

Michael shoving Toby's tray off the table was just perfect.

Liz said...

My feeling about/towards Pei-Gee is that she's (clearly) never been anywhere near the 'in crowd' and fancies herself a cool girl with crack-a-lackin' conniving game-playing-technique.
And? It shows.
(I hate her and would like to see a crocodile bite her. Do they have crocodiles in China?)
I do, however, love the virgin. What's his name? Heart him. I want to cuddle him as he reads me poetry. Also, we wouldn't have to have sex. So...
As for ANTM, I think Heather is visually stunning but you're right, her speaking issues will bite her in the ass. Although, Jaslene seems to be reading her cue cards at a high pitch fairly well.

Chaotic Joy said...

Ahhh. Our weekly trashy TV update. Gotta love it.

Office cracked me up this week. XOXO Love, Michael at the end of his diary entry gave me fits.

I missed the second half of Survivor because of a DVR meltdown but I was surprised to see Frosti went home. Who orchastrated that? At least I don't have to watch the anorexic looking girl pet and paw at him all next show. That was driving me crazy.

And I think on Project Runway they didn't send Organic Girl home because she would prove much more entertaining the next few episodes than Simone. I have noticed they do that on that show. Keep the controversial ones around an extra week or two to make for better TV.

a happier girl said...

shan - Yes, it was. Michael's hatred for Toby cracks me up.

liz - Erik! His name is Erik. I'm into his pretty white teeth, too. He seems sweet. I'd be okay holding hands with him while he tells me how pretty I am. And, Oh. My. Word. Can't. Believe. You. Mentioned. Jaslene. I almost made a joke about Jaslene not having any sort of condition to blame for her stilted cue card reading in her "My Life as a Cover Girl" ads. But then I figured everyone fast forwards through the commercials and wouldn't get the joke. Get off my wavelength.

joy - I forgot about the XOXO, Michael! Todd totally orchestrated the Frosti vote. He thought Courtney and Frosti were getting too tight. Then Frosti came in 2nd in the immunity challenge and that sealed the deal. Which I'm okay with because I enjoy Erik's pretty white teeth. And I think you're right about Organic Girl on Project Runway. She seems like she'd be prone to drama.

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