Crappy Reality Television Week in Review

I promised myself I wouldn't write about crappy reality television too much during NaBloPoMo. It'd be an easy crutch to use but could quickly descend into mindless blathering. I resolved to limit that blathering to one day a week. Friday was the natural choice given that I'm generally bursting at the seams with Survivor related chatter on Friday Mornings. And so I present my crappy reality television roundup for the week:

Survivor: I'm so glad they voted out Jean-Robert. I have an appreciation for the strategy of being unlikeable so someone will want to take you to the final two. Except I'm not entirely certain that was his strategy. He just appears to have bad people skills. Specifically, an inability to identify when he's being rude and annoying. And how sweet is Erik diplomatically pointing out at Tribal Council that someone's always at the bottom of the totem pole in an alliance of 6. I suddenly like him and his pretty white teeth. Even if he did previously hang out with Jaime who I intensely dislike ever since she laughed in the guys' faces after throwing a challenge.

The Amazing Race: Heavens to Betsy that show makes me want to travel the world. The tourism industry should pay CBS to keep it on the air. Every time I watch it I become firmly convinced I need to go wherever they went that week. For example, this week I'm pretty confident my life won't be complete until I drive through the Irish countryside. I hope the Goth couple lasts a long time. Mostly because I want to see what happens when they get too tired to do their makeup anymore. Sleep versus putting on makeup. Tell me you don't eventually sleep. And what's the deal with the cheating boyfriend and his high strung girlfriend? Why is the fact that you're boyfriend cheated on you information you feel the need to share with America during a brief 30 second intro. That's odd. And emasculating to your boyfriend. Me thinks you haven't let his mistake go just yet.

America's Next Top Model: If you are characterized as the plus sized model on that show, you may as well keep your bags packed because you are eventually getting kicked off. They like to put a token non waif normal sized girl in the mix. But she never wins. And don't even get me started on the fact that the "plus sized" girl looks to be about a size 8. And since we're on the subject, there's no way Ambreal, Jenah or Bianca will win this thing. No way.

The Office: I know. It's not crappy reality television. But it's my favorite show! I love that the writers understand what working in an office is really like. Specifically, how the littlest things can get everyone bent out of shape. Like the birthday cakes last night. In my building, it's not a celebration unless there's a cake. And if there isn't one, it must be a conspiracy. Or someone hates you. Do not take away someone's cake.


Christy said...

I love amazing race, yet could never, ever do it! If me and my Hubby did it, it would be s ugly! America would hate me, cause well I don't do well with stress and my Hubby gets to deal with it :) Granted the producers would probably love it for their ratings!

no way said...

This is off topic...but an update from yesterday. My husband just emailed me that he got the job. Also, WITHOUT AN INTERVIEW!! Or resume or anything, he just got it. The two of you must be living in parallel universes.

Chaotic Joy said...

I love the office too. When Michael cut off his pants legs and the duct taped them back on, I couldn't stop laughing.

As for survivor, I thought it was pretty dumb to vote off JR and not James but since I have never actually watched an entire season before, I am not sure how things play out in the end. JR WAS fun to laugh at though.

Shan said...

I have to agree the duct taped pants legs were about the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Definitely one of my favourite shows.

I was glad to see JR go. There was just something a little creepy about him. I'm hoping Frosti wins, but only because my husband has him in his work Survivor pool.

a happier girl said...

christy - Believe you me, if I went on Amazing Race I be whiny and difficult and America would hate me too. I'd also make my husband carry my backpack and do everything strenuous. But it looks so fun!

no way - That's ridiculous. What's with this no interviewing epidemic. Although not putting in a resume is way more impressive than mine. Congratulations to him on the new job!

joy - Duct taping the pant legs back on was hysterical. My favorite though was Dwight hitting him over the head with his shoe when he put the blindfold on because he thought it would be better if Michael was unconscious. And yes, James is really really strong. That combined with 2 immunity idols and I probably would have gotten rid of him first. What if he starts winning immunity all the time or something?

a happier girl said...

shan - Jean-Robert did seem creepy didn't he? I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was that made him creepy. Sexually harrassing all the girls probably contributed to it though.

Anonymous said...

Kevin and I watched TAR last night (via Tivo)..and I thought the same thing about the Netherlands. Sigh...travel bug bites hard.

Love the goth couple, too..especially when Vyxsin(sp?) admitted to macramae.

Take care.

a happier girl said...

Yes! I need to go to Amsterdam too! That show is the best tourism ad I've ever seen. And it's ongoing! I'm really starting to root for the Goth couple. The macrame thing was funny. Just the fact that they're from Kentucky entertains me too.

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