The boy in the box

My 18 month old is no longer 18 months old. He’s two now. Big old two. Big old I don’t need you anymore I’ll be off to college next week and don’t call me I’ll call you two. Sigh. For his birthday I toted him and his chubby cheeks down to the mall for photos. He held it together long enough to get a couple nice shots:

Since he has a Christmas birthday I subjected him to a Santa suit too:

That suit is 100 different kinds of cute. Don't believe me? Try this on for size:

I die a little every time I see him in it. Sort of like how I die a little every time I look at the fugly homemade birthday cake I made him:

My husband thinks it’s a wonderful Cat in the Hat cake. Which is awesome except I wasn’t going for Cat in the Hat. It was supposed to be a candy cane. Only I ran out of red food coloring which made the red sort of pinkish. And it started leaning immediately. And then the Leaning Tower of Cat in the Hat fell over. Twice. I’d like to say it looked significantly better before it fell but whatever. The fall didn’t help.

The Ding Dong looking thing next to it was for my husband who prefers chocolate icing. I had some extra cake so I hooked him up. I’m good to that man. In return he told me the cake looked good. That's love, people. Give and take.

The birthday boy also got presents. Presents his father hijacked for a test drive:

And then we took him to the aquarium. The kid loves ducks. The aquarium has ducks. That’s called, doing him a solid. The aquarium also has a jaguar which makes little or no sense to me but it’s pretty and seems to like my son. Here he is preparing to eat my baby:


no way said...

You couldn't have timed that picture better! And the reflection of his face in the glass is great too. I just took a similar one while we were at the aquarium as well, only we don't have a jaguar at ours. Strange, right?

Happy birthday to your big boy!

Christy said...

I love the Santa suit! It is just way too cute. Happy birthday to your little boy :)

I know you can hear me... said...

He is SO handsome!! And Happy Birthday to him -- those pictures were great!

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh my goodness. That shot of the birthday boy and the scary cat kills me. Was he scared? I was a little.

I think the cake is adorable, although I have to admit when I saw it I immediately though cat in the hat. Which I love. The books, not the creepy movie.

And I love, love, love the picture of the boy in the box. Happy Birthday to him. Cute big boy.

a happier girl said...

no way - My husband actually took the jaguar photo. The lighting isn't great. But that's sort of his signature. At least he has great timing.

christy - I know! The Santa suit is ridiculously cute. I bought it super cheap off eBay on a whim and now I'm thinking we'll need one every year until the end of time.

i know - You're sweet. Thanks!

joy - He wasn't scared at all! He loved the jaguar. He pressed himself right up against the glass. The jaguar really was intrigued by him. They stared at each other for quite awhile.

Shan said...

What great pictures! Happy Birthday to the birthday boy.

The cake looks cute, but I must admit I thought cat in the hat as well. Oh and a piece of dowel, cut to length, will keep your cake from toppling over.

Childlife said...

Oh, wow! Those pictures are just all kinds of cute! Did you just hand over your checking account? : )

LOVE the jaguar picture and the cake too - looks like a birthday to remember. And the Santa suit - to think that was just a whim! It couldn't have been more perfect and looks like it paid for itself and then some in cute photos.

a happier girl said...

shan - It's ok to admit it looks like Cat in the Hat. Because, quite frankly, it does. And thanks so much for the dowel rod suggestion. I will be employing that from now on when I attempt tall cakes.

childlife - Yeah, we dropped a dime in the photo place for pictures. Although we go so rarely now I don't even blink at the cost because it's practically a special occasion. And, yeah, that eBay whim Santa suit paid for itself. So cute.

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