House of Spandex = Great Episode of Project Runway

I would venture to say that any episode of Project Runway that requires the designers to shop at House of Spandex is bound to be good. I thought Tim was just being funny until they showed the actual name of the store on the window. Love it. Love Tim climbing through the ropes of the wrestling ring. Love designers brainstorming their own diva wrestler names and super powers. Love watching everyone taken out of their comfort zone. Except Chris I guess. Because that's spot on his comfort zone. I wasn't the least bit surprised he did great.

Rami had me the most concerned at the beginning. Especially when they showed him doing his trademark draping of the fabric even on a wrestling outfit. While initially concerned for Jillian she totally impressed me. Despite being way out of her comfort zone she came up with something really cute. And I think I actually kind of liked Ricky's outfit better than Sweet P's. I know Ricky's looked like a swimsuit instead of a costume but at least it didn't look like cheap crap. In the words of my best friend Christian, Sweet P's looked like a first grade craft project. And she didn't seem to have any sort of concept. Except maybe day-glow sparkly.

And of course I loved Christian's. Was there any doubt?

I'm actually trying to decide if last night's episode was my favorite Project Runway episode ever. I especially enjoy things that take the designers out of their comfort zone. Although, I'm also very partial to funny. So anything with Santino impersonating Tim is high on my list. Especially the Tim dining at Red Lobster one. But I also loved when they redesigned the U.S Postal uniform in season 1. And of course anytime they have to make stuff out of weird materials like food or plants. Remember Chloe's leaf dress? Remember when I did something other than watch reality television? Me neither.


Constance the EightyThird said...

Please don't stop watching reality television. That was a hilarious recap. I 100% agree that Sweet P's outfit was horrific, but it was Rickys time. I think it's so funny that he cried in every episode but the one he got kicked off in!!

Kristy said...

That was a HYSTERICAL recap (and I thought the show last night was funny!)

Sweet P's outfit looked like crap, covered with an old lady's robe. She barely squeaked by. But I'm glad she did. I've grown to kind of like Sweet P. She takes criticism well, and usually makes really good changes based on it.

And Ricky. Poor sad little cap-wearing Ricky. He might have pulled it off without the trashbag cape thingee.

Woo hoo. More Fluff TV! (Speaking of which, have you ever seen Make Me A Supermodel? Oh, my. Porn...I mean, fluff tv at its finest!)


Love your blog!!!

Jessica said...

Christian was robbed!!

While Chris' outfit was definitely cute (the sparkly lining was what put him over the top) I think Christians outfit was much more intricate and detailed - which showed off his talents as a designer. Chris picked the same exact fabric the girl wore the day he met her, leopard print. Easy. Safe. No thought required.

Christians outfit was well thought-out and incorporated all the aspects his 'Diva' wanted out of an outfit while still being completely original. He is by far the most talented and diverse designer on the show (and he's a hilarious little pixie!).

Ricky’s time was up, thats for sure, but Sweet P. better step it up next challenge or else her fun-lovin' hiney is going home!

C said...

I think it was a great episode and I had a hard time with Ricky going over Sweet P since his girl at least liked parts of her outfit and Sweet P's girl was clearly unhappy.

carosgram said...

I loved last nights episode! I was glad to see Ricky go, it was past time. Sweet Pea reminds me of the girl who had a curl, right in the middle of her forehead. Last night's outfit was horrid. But I thought she should have won the week before when they gave it to Ricky. At least I like her, which I do not feel towards Christian. I will concede that he is a good designer but just not a very nice person. Rami needs to get the stick out. I am hoping to see Jillian, Chris and Christian in the finals.

Chaotic Joy said...

Blah, blah, blah, blah. This is me covering my eyes and not reading this post because project runway is still on my DVR.

no way said...

In addition to it being a good episode with interesting results (considering the challenge), did Rami look pretty great in those aviators when he was going to the wrestling ring, or what?

But then he tried to drape the top of his costume. Sigh....

Robyn said...

I will give CHristain his props, his outfit rocked. I just couldn't take Ricky another week, so I was happy his crap lost over Sweet P's. I really liked Chris'. I did think the same thing with Rami's draping, I was like "NO, not on a wrestling get up!"

Angie said...

I came across your blog and you are my new best friend. I read through like literally a year of your life just now. I enjoyed your commentary on pinning your child down in line to put a bag of Cheetos down and the inner rage only a mom knows. :) By the way, does your husband know you posted a panty/black sock picture of him on the Internet? If not, you rock. If he does, your husband rocks.

a happier girl said...

Sometimes I think I'm the only girl watching Project Runway. Then I write about it here and it becomes clear to me I'm an idiot. Long live Project Runway!

constance - I forgot to mention that about Ricky not crying in the episode he got kicked off!! He cried at everything else! Why was he not crying then?!?

kristy - Thanks! I like Sweet P too! Her outfit was just bad, bad, bad. And I agree Ricky would have done better without the cape. I kept thinking some sort of skirt instead could have saved him.

jessica - I could not agree more!! Chris' outfit was good but it was the same print she arrived in the first day. That's not particularly innovative. Christian's was original.

c - very true! I think it was the fact that it was a swimsuit not a costume. But at least it was a good swimsuit! Sweet P's wasn't a good anything.

carosgram - I can see how Christian would annoy people. I just think he's charmingly different and fresh. And funny. I think he'd be fun to hang out with. I'm rooting for Christian, Jillian and Rami. But technically I think Sweet P will squeak in. I loved her denim dress too!! So chic. But denim! Who knew denim could be so chic!

joy - Yikes! I hope I didn't ruin it for you! I'd feel bad!

no way - Yes. Yes, he did look hot. Riddle me this batman, why does that hot man feel the need to drape every garment he makes? Enough with the draping. It's lovely when it's a dress. It's odd when it's a wrestling costume. Why is this not obvious to untrained women sitting at home watching television but doesn't occur to the trained professional?

robyn - Yeah, I've been over Ricky for awhile. Mostly because of the crying. But the mesh hat didn't help.

angie - Thanks! Glad it made for good reading! My husband totally knows about The Panty Man photo. It's sort of a legendary photo in our house. It really does sit on the front of the fridge and it really does make me smile when I look at it. My husband's a very good sport. Just one of the many things I love about him!

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