Watch out for construction paper falling from the sky

I have not yet made Valentine’s for my kids to take to their class parties tomorrow. Last year I planned ahead well enough to make cute flower things out of hearts. This year I did absolutely no brainstorming, have no cute materials to work with and appear to be fresh out of time. Not to mention I was planning to leave a little bitty bouquet of flower’s on the newest 4 year old’s dresser to find when she wakes up in the morning. That will require secretly buying flowers and staying awake long enough for her to fall asleep first. Which seems simple enough since she’s only 4 and I’m 33. But that kid enjoys torturing us by refusing to go to sleep. She's got books to read, conversations to have with stuffed animals and the ceiling to stare at. Whereas I'm a delicate flower that begins to wilt when the Project Runway credits roll.

Right now I’m thinking I’ll pull red and pink construction paper out of the sky and wave my magic wand. I’m going to need to wave the wand like 30 times though. Because I have 2 kids now and they each have a class full of kids to give crap to. I'll be happy if we can just manage to cut out some hearts and the newest 4 year old can do some cute 4 year old scribbling on them. And if some cute Valentine’s Day wrapping paper falls from the sky, Martha Stewart says I can fold it into an envelope and everyone will think I am awesome. I guess we'll see just how awesome I am.


no way said...

Drat! I have two pretty easy Valentine's Day crafts up my sleeve-it's one of the classes I teach, so it's not like I am some sort of abnormal craft-crazy nut. But I guess it's too late now. Maybe next year.

And can't wait to read your PR post later this week!

a happier girl said...

I'm going to make sure I demand that you teach me all your crafty secrets before Valentine's Day next year. We successfully pulled something together last minute but it wasn't my favorite. i feel confident we could have done better with a little planning.

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