Swiping the credit card and grande margaritas are all it takes

I called my mom last night to wish her a happy Valentine's Day. She asked what was going on with me and I actually said, "Not much." Which was odd since I actually spent the afternoon attending a funeral on Valentine's Day. Which sucked by the way. The funeral on Valentine's Day thing. It was for a coworker. Sweet and friendly and one of the hardest working people you'd ever meet. She died before her time under very sad circumstances. It was sad all the way around. It's difficult to imagine a worse way to spend the afternoon on Valentine's Day.

Instead of going back to work and pretending to be productive, I went home instead. Not because I'm against being productive. I just didn't feel like it. I did however feel like laying in bed under my snuggly comforter watching Big Brother. Then my husband took me to Sam's and bought me flowers. He says the flowers count as a present because he was the one that swiped the credit card through the machine. His insanity must be rubbing off on me because I'm actually starting to embrace this theory.

The margarita he bought me over dinner probably didn't hurt either. And when the waitress asked what size margarita, he even knew to insist on the grande. He's a "you only live once" kind of guy like that. I'm glad I'm the girl he's only living once with. I made him this card with my own two little hands just to tell him so:

Inside I wrote some sappy crap. You know, like how even bad days are better just knowing we're in it together. Because they are.

I also left these flowers in the newest 4 year old's bedroom for her to find when she woke up:

She was very pleased with them. Once I took her back into her bedroom to show them to her anyway. She's always in such a hurry to get up in the morning. She blew right past them in her hurry to go check to see if someone threw up a circus tent in the front yard for an impromptu show. She was also pretty pleased with the Valentines she made to give to her class:

They were just hearts cut out of scrapbook paper with scribbles on the back:

Then we folded them up just like Martha Stewart said to and I taped some candy on just like the newest 4 year old said to:

I think mini Hershey bars slipped inside the envelopes would have been way cuter but I always seem to do my best brainstorming long after I've checked out at the store and everyone's already strapped in their car seat so whatever. There's always next year. And the year after that. And the year after that. And there's tomorrow too. When I'll be spilling my every thought on all the exciting reality television I've been watching this week. Seriously, Rami, we get it. You're good at draping. Nina's nerves aren't the only ones you're getting on.


Chaotic Joy said...

Oh so much to say! First the serious stuff. I am so sorry you spent Valentine's Day at a funeral. Seriously. And I am glad that you went home and crawled under the covers and that you have a husband that knows the healing powers of a big ole margarita.

Okay, now the trash talk (wow-what an insensitive segue - I hope you know my condolences are sincere.) I am finally caught up on Project Runway and while I do like Rami, I agree that enough is enough. I just knew they would keep them both though.

And my DVR did not record Wednesday nights big brother so I am not speaking to it right now. I did catch the highlights on CBS though.

Oh and the Valentines were super cute, but they don't fit with my Valentine's theme of low expectations. Hugs to you.

Shan said...

Great job on the valentines. Much more ambitious than I was with that project. The flowers are beautiful too. Sorry you had to spend Valentine's day at a funeral. A grande margarita sounded very necessary.

Childlife said...

What a rough way to spend the day... good for you for taking the rest of the day off. I would have too.

The valentine's are great - your four-year-old has some serious skills! (And your card wasn't too shabby either :D )

a happier girl said...

joy - You're so sweet. Thanks. And I swear the valentine's weren't that much work. Mostly some cutting and some folding.

shan - Thanks. I swear they weren't much work. The hardest part was getting the newest 4 year old to finish writing on all of them. She kept getting distracted by her brother.

childlife - Thanks! I was pretty happy with the results given the amount of time I spent. I think I'm going to make his card every year from now on.

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