Expect the Incredible!

My husband left this morning for some work related training. I was so worn out from being up and down all night with an upset stomach the night before that I could barely muster up my usual weepy china doll clingy-ness while he packed. I also didn't bother to catch up on dishes or laundry before he left so now I have an overflowing sink and 3 baskets of laundry to do. And another 2 1/2 baskets already waiting to be folded. But who's counting.

I miss my husband a lot when he leaves. Partially because I'm a cream puff. But mostly because I just really like his company. And my kids have lots of energy and wear me out by noon. I've spent the day alternating between watching a Say Yes to the Dress marathon on TLC and brainstorming ideas for a work related project. My husband swears I've been brainwashed by the powers that be and become a rah rah shish boom bah team player or something. Mostly, someone mentioned they were going to hand out giant thermometer posters for each division unless we came up with something better to visually track our progress toward goals. I'm fairly certain I will in fact hurl if I'm forced to update a thermometer to attempt to motivate people.

Instead, we're geeking out doing a The Incredibles theme. My husband, in his infinite patience, waited to roll his eyes until after I got to the part of the plan that involves making Incredibles T-shirts for everyone and having a theme day once a week. And there may or may not be plans for a giant skyline and superheroes flying over buildings as goals are achieved. I know. Maybe my husband's right. Although there are cash bonuses involved so I might be okay with it. At least it's better than a jumbo thermometer. And the fact that I'm contributing to the dorkiness does not in any way mean I won't be making fun of it right along with everyone else.

My children have taken my husband's departure fairly well. The 18 month old cried when his father got out of the car at the airport. But then, he cries when his father walks inside the post office for 2 minutes. It's been a non issue for him since. The newest 4 year is a different story. She cried when he got out of the car followed by more crying at bedtime. She likes to go with, "I want Daddy" which is the most perfectly impossible thing to fix for her. This is the first time she's really cried because she missed someone. I guess she's old enough to understand that it sucks.

I felt bad for her. Mostly because I know how she feels. Except she's not allowed to stay up late watching Law & Order reruns until she falls asleep with the television on. Not that I know anything about that.


Chaotic Joy said...

Oh I feel for ya! My husband rarely goes out of town and when he does I count the hours until he returns. If he was one of those regularly traveling guys, I'm not sure how I would make it. I think I would have to be medicated. You know, more than I already am. :)

I watched part of the "Say Yes to the Dress" marathon too while switching back and forth to the "The Millionaire Matchmaker" which is where the really good trashy reality TV was yesterday.

Debbie said...

I love Say Yes to the Dress! Don't you enjoy not having to cook dinner or watch his programs? Those are my favorite parts of having a husband who's gone a lot!

Alison said...

You know, love my hubby as I do, I always love it when he goes away for a week, and I get to observe hours of pre-recorded (because otherwise forbidden) episodes of sex in the City, Doctor House, Greys Anatomy, Lost ... all the stuff I love and have been missing. Its a different story when I have to go away though, I cry myself to sleep every night thinking about how much I want to be with the kids ... I guess this is all part of life's rich tapestry isn't it!!! Nice blog - I plan to keep on watching!

Princess Abigail .... said...

Sorry - I am still a novice at all this blogging and browser stuff ... this is Alison again, just trying to sign off her comment properly!!
Speak soon

a happier girl said...

joy - Thanks! Everytime my husband has to travel which feels like it's all the time but really isn't my first thought is that I could never be married to a pilot who travels all the time. And I've only watched a little Millionaire Matchmaker. I'll have to give it a chance now that I know it's quality trash.

debbie - I hate to confess this but my husband does most of the cooking. I know. I'm so lucky it's almost sad. But I do agree it's nice not having to watch UFC fighting or the NFL channel.

alison - Yeah, I think I could really focus on the positive and enjoy a week of him being gone. Especially deciding what to watch. And I agree I'd be a pathetic basket case if I had to leave my family. I'm supposed to travel in the fall for work and I'm already dreading it and trying to get out of it. And no apologies needed, I'm a novice blogger too.

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