No snow but lots of ill

There was no snow day. The sky did not fall. In fact, the uber important work related matter got a last minute 20 day extension to get completed. So I stressed for nothing. My husband would say that is the real story of my life. Whatever.

I have been ill, ill and more ill the last two days. It is a mystery illness that includes lightheadedness, aching joints, fever and a failure to understand why my children can't drive themselves to the daycare yet. The cure for this is extended laying around in bed, forcing my husband to offer opinions on last night's Project Runway final collections and online shopping.

For example, today the Easter Bunny ordered each of my kids a panorama easter egg for their Easter baskets. As a kid, I had a friend that got one every year for Easter and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I could never figure out why the Easter Bunny left one for her but not me. Which is retarded because the Easter Bunny that dropped by my house was a most excellent Easter Bunny and would no doubt have produced one of those things if I had just let it be known I wanted one. I guess I thought she'd read my mind since she'd already successfully figured out that I liked Peeps and hated Cadbury Eggs. But it's all good because this year I'm vicariously getting my panoramic eggs. If my children do not appropriately appreciate them I will confiscate the eggs and send them to bed with no supper.

Speaking of Easter, what's up it's like 2 1/2 weeks away? I did not get the memo on this Easter is in March thing. I need cute egg hunting outfits. I need to get a photo of my offspring with a six foot rabbit. I need crap to go in everyone's basket. Yet another reason why online shopping while you are ill, ill and more ill is so very awesome.

Speaking of awesome, did we all see my BFF Christian win Project Runway last night? Believe it or not, I wasn't totally sure he'd win. I thought Rami's collection was really good. Jillian's too. But Rami's was the one that was so good I thought he might actually win. It's complicated with Rami. On the one hand you want him to be more versatile and do more than just drape. But then when not everything in his collection was super drapey, my first thought was that he should have done more draped evening gowns because he rules at gowns.

But Christian is just so creative and has so many tricks up his sleeve. Although I did not love the feather dress Michael seemed to think was the greatest dress ever. I did, however, love that Christian's confidence was gone by the end and he was actually crying before they even announced the winner. Sometimes confidence comes across as conceit when it's really just bravado or how people keep a stiff upper lip when they're nervous. I thought it was charming that he wanted it that bad and that it meant so much to him.

Speaking of conceit, I also caught America's Next Top Model last night and enjoyed the comeuppance of full of herself Allison. I especially enjoyed that she could not catch on when they were telling her to say "Thank you." Although, for the record, I liked her hair dark better than the reddish/brown. And it never ceases to amaze me how many people think it's a good idea to sing Whitney Houston songs on American Idol. Seriously. Whitney, Mariah and Celine. Just don't do it. The end.


Childlife said...

You have my sympathies... we're up to our eyeballs in ill too. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Kritter Krit said...

I agree totally. I loved that Christian was a pile of nervous tears and apprehension. It was so sweet to see that he not only rocks at fashion, but that's he's actually human too. I love that he wanted it as bad as he did.

Poor Allison. Yeah. She just didn't get it, did she? She's so totally stuck in her little life-is-all-about-ME world, she genuinely had no clue that they were wanting a "thank you". Crazy girl!

I liked her brown hair better too. What's Tyra's deal with taking dark-headed people and turning them white-blond?

Kritter Krit said...

And we have the same mysterious illness around here too. Aching joints, lightheadedness, snot galore, and a weird symptom you didn't mention, horrible sore eyeballs.

Strange, I know. I have NO idea what kind of crazy funk is going around, but man, it stinks.

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh friend! I am so sorry you are sick. And I am SUCH A BLOOMIN IDIOT. I avoided your place last week because I thought it was the finale of project runway, but no it was just the get rid of Chris show. And then this week, knowing full well I hadn't seen it, I came here and right in the middle of Easter Egg goodies FOUND OUT WHO WON!

Did I mention I am a bloomin idiot? Does it make you feel better to know that?

a happier girl said...

childlife - Thanks! I did actually start to feel better but then my 2 year old started coughing right in my face and now I have his cough and sore throat. It never ends!

kritter krit - Yes! Apprehension is such a good word for it. And it was sweet. And oh my word I'm with you on the white-blond comment. I do not care for that girl's hair. Hope you're feeling better soon!

joy - That's totally my fault. I did the same thing to my mom! I swear I'm putting a spoiler alert before I go mentioning who won anything again.

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