Things I need to do

1. Find time to write on my blog. My BFF Juliebear even called me last weekend to ask if I was alive. She relies on my blog to ensure I am still breathing. She also gets annoyed when I refer to her as "a friend" which is why I referred to as my "BFF Juliebear" this time. I told her my lack of blogging has been because I'm really busy at work. Which makes it seem like all I used to do at work before I got promoted was blog. Which is so not the case. I also made doctor's appointments and filled out insurance paperwork. Just kidding. Maybe. Whatever. Work has insane. Headquarters mandated project insane. Everyone needs something from me all day long and I'm trying clear my desk to go out of town next week insane. But, really, I hate it when people tell you how busy they are. Because aren't we all busy? Doesn't it sort of go without saying? Doesn't it just seem self absorbed to ramble on and on about the oh so important crap that clogs up your day? So, whatever. I should just find more time and stop trying to think of stuff interesting enough to justify taking the time. For example, just because it's stupid doesn't mean it's not worth telling the world about how roughed up Pumpkin's looking on I Love Money. Not like I'm some super model but, really, what happened there?

2. Stop thinking Jessie needs to be the next Bachelor instead of Jason. First, Jessie got the girl on The Bachelorette. So he doesn't need to be the next bachelor. And, really, his overuse of the word "shredding" sort of wore on me. But he seems sweet and genuine and I really liked his mom and how the shoulders of his suit on the finale totally didn't fit. Reminded me of my broad shouldered husband crammed into a suit. I'm pathetically drawn to people that remind me of my husband. Anyway, I think my problem is that I didn't care about Deanna. Jessie just seems way more interesting than her. And, please don't bother telling me about how your ovaries contracted when you saw Jason and his kid. I get it. I do. Full on good guy. And the board game he made takes the cake. But he was just trying to hard. For about three seconds I was transfixed by Jeremy's hotness and thought maybe he could be the next Bachelor. But now I'm convinced it would involve too much crying.

3. Finish filling out Kindergarten paperwork. The newest 4 year old is soon to be the newest Kindergartener this fall. She took a placement test and got in. That's wild. Perhaps someday soon I will feel capable of expounding on just how wild that is. My brain currently overloads just contemplating her picking out a backpack.

4. Stop asking people how that chick with the trash bag dress didn't get eliminated on Project Runway last night. I realize the other dude flung a shower curtain around his chick. And I also realize he combined that with some sort of cape feature and a plastic baggie diaper thing underneath. But chick draped a bag around her chick's neck and called it a top. I swear they just kept her around figuring she's unique.

5. Convince our two year old to stay in his bed at night. He moved to a big boy bed a month ago and likes to wander to the couch to sleep in the middle of the nigh. I, personally, could care less if he sleeps on the couch every night of his life. I say, as long as you're not in my bed and you don't wake me up at night, so be it.My husband seems to think we should nip it in the bud. Whatever.

6. Buy an Ikea mattress that fits the stupid Ikea toddler bed we bought thinking it would fit a regular crib mattress like normal toddler beds. What the hell, Ikea. And we don't even live next to an Ikea. So when that stupid crib mattress turned out to be a foot short, we just shoved some pillows in the hole and called it a day. And by "we" I mean "me." But you don't even realize they're there because of the comforter and now we're sort of used to it. Which means, we'll probably give in and buy this random sized mattress Ikea has cornered us into buying next time we're at Ikea but we're too lazy to make a special trip just to get one.

6. Go steal the remote and make my husband watch Burn Notice with me. Did I mention that dude on Burn Notice reminds me of my husband? Go figure.


Chaotic Joy said...


Oh how I have missed you. NO ONE in my real life watches reality TV besides the husband and I missed your trash TV weekly updates. Especially with Big Brother and Project Runway returning this week.

I am glad to hear you are still alive. Sorry to hear you are so busy.

Ikea is so cool but actually purchasing anything there gives me hives. Could they make the process any more difficult?

notevenatshirt vb said...

So glad Project Runway is back--chick with her bad attitude AND bad garbage bag design needed to go home. Glad to see you're doing ok--was staring to worry. :) I say leave the mattress the way it is! It's only more money for the other one, unless you actually have people coming into your home and then childs room on a daily basis to critique the foot-short mattress? If not then I wouldn't really worry about it. :)

Anonymous said...

BFF Kimmibear-

She LIVES!! I am so glad to see an update on the blog! Although, I guess I did technically get the verbal update over the weekend. HAHA!

I LOVE that I am mentioned in the first paragraph AND by name. I am like so totally famous now! (That was said in my best valley girl voice) Well, maybe not as famous as you since Jack Wagner DOES know your name..

BFF Juliebear

Kris said...

Yep, I'm glad to hear that you are still breathing, too. I was wondering if the Imaginary Book Club has any new picks? I've pretty much read all of the others and I need a new read.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!

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