Let's pretend it's not all about me

Upon returning to work and recounting for all the sympathizing veteran mothers my daughter's first day of Kindergarten, everyone wanted to know how she liked it. Forget how I felt leaving her there. What did the kid think? Sheesh. You’d think the world didn’t revolve around me or something.

Of course, she likes it. That kid’s up for learning every day of the week and twice on Sunday. New stuff to look at and observe? Deal. Get lost, mother. She’s still in the process of making new friends at the new place. We ask her every night about who she played with and who she talked to. She’s real non descript and would have us believe she is both mute and sitting motionless in her chair all day.

The second day of school we got there a couple minutes early and all the kids were playing on the playground until class started. My daughter who generally runs headlong at any play ground hesitated at the edge unsure of where to go. There were lots and lots of kids already playing and she seemed uncertain who to try to join up with. She wanted to do monkey bars but started crying when I started to leave. I felt for her it being the first week and all. I was going to stay until class started, because I am both soft and weak, but she finally spotted another teacher she seemed to know and agreed to go hold her hand.

The 3rd day was less rough but there was still hesitation. Just as I was about to settle in to wait, a little girl walking over to a group of kids saw my daughter looking at them kicking a soccer ball and put her hand out and said she could come with her if she wanted. She’s not in my daughter’s class either. She was just being sweet at the exact right moment. I think I’m going to buy that kid a new car when she turns 16. In fact, I should’ve just whipped out my check book right there and cut her a check. At minimum, I hope I run into her parents so I can tell them I’m getting her name tattooed on the back of my neck because she is officially awesome.

Even despite these making friends issues, my daughter's still eager to go every morning. One time she even told me to hurry up and finish my toast so we could leave already. She’s full of random stories at the end of the day. My personal favorite was about some kid that told someone else to “shut up.” If my daughter is to be believed, his punishment was getting locked in a dark closet with babies. I'm thinking something must have been lost in that translation. I mean, seriously, I’m sure there were no babies in the dark closet when they locked him in. Kidding. I’m sure the lights were on.


Christine said...

Oh, that is so sweet. I totally love that other little girl. She must have made your daughters day!

Melinda said...

Playground politics make regular appearances in my nightmares. The image of her standing at the edge, trying to figure out who to start playing with? I can't take it.

80sMom said...

I had the same experience of my little girl starting school, so I enjoyed reading your account. I blogged about it a few weeks ago, and for me it was a MAJOR DAY!

Isn't it fun seeing them maneuver through those first weeks?

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