Tommorrow my multiple personalities are going to cancel Christmas

I think I’m developing a multiple personality disorder. That’s the only way I can explain writing yesterday about how I’m not throwing the newest Kindergartener a birthday party and then shopping online for bounce house rentals the very next day. That’s flaky. Right? I’m officially a flaky spaz. Either that or the maternal guilt stomped all over my soul saying throw the party or she’ll be on Dr. Phil in 20 years. My maternal guilt will also be stomping all over my husband’s soul if he’s not back from his trip to help me with it.

In my head, I decided I’d just throw a bounce house up in the yard and toss a table in the garage for cake and craft/games. When it seemed easy, I mentally committed. Now that I’m all in, my innate need to go overboard is already coordinating bounce house pricing, invitations and who will hang the banner over the garage that I haven’t made and didn’t even know I was planning to make until 10 minutes ago. I’ve been mentally planning for less than two hours and I already have a deadline picked out for when the invitations need to go out. My current conundrum is whether I should bake an extra mini cake so she can blow out candles on her birthday and still have cake at the party later in the week. That’s in addition to the cupcakes for her class. I know. There is no end to my ability to make my own life more complicated.

My husband about rolled his eyes right out of his head when I announced the party. Mostly the part about the party not being at Chuck E. Cheese. He thinks I should let Chuck E. Cheese entertain and clean up after other people’s children. He did not, however, realize to have or not to have a party had ever been up in the air. Further proof the man doesn't read this website but I'm going to let that slide since I need him to clean the garage to get ready for the party I'm throwing in there.

This will be my first children’s party. The first little invitations that will go out. The first bounce house killing my grass. I’m thinking 10:30 to 12:30 on Saturday. Too short? Three hours instead? What if kids have sports in the morning? Would 11 to 1 be better? 1 to 3? Craft or game? No crafts or games? The details! The tiny staggering little details! I’d bore the Internet more but I need to get back to brainstorming party invitations while I pretend to work.


Anne said...

Your multiple personality disorder happens when you become a mom. No matter how much you plan for these parties, they are chaos. Two hours is long enough. If there is a bounce house, the kids will be in there the entire time, so no need to worry about the craft/game issue. Good luck!

rachel said...

I have noticed a trend of the 1.5 hour birthday party. Proof that tons of little kids drive grown-ups crazy. Definitely do not do a 3 hour party unless you plan on feeding them a meal. Otherwise you can definitely just get away with sugary foods.

Happy Working Mom said...

Have fun! I have no suggestions as I have yet to actually throw a "true" kids party. So far it's been all barbques and the kids just run around and play while the adults talk.

Good luck!

auntie said...

well, i have no kids so surely that means i can throw my two cents in anyway! one thing my sister has done with her kids is to limit the number of guests to correspond with their age...so when the kids turned 5 they got to have 5 guests (plus their siblings). it seems to have worked well for her and the kids understand what the limits are. keeps you from having 800 children at your house, too.

just found your blog through Princess Nebrasks - i like it :)

Anonymous said...

best post ever! good job.

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