Best line ever

On a recent episode, Judge Judy was asking a defendant what he did for a living. He says he's on disability because of a learning disability except then his defense involves a convoluted story about payment for work he did for the plaintiff painting and ripping up carpet. So Judy asks if he's allowed to work and get paid like that while collecting disability. He says, Yeah and she says, Don't they reduce your check by however much you make? Dude says, If you get paid by check, yeah, they reduce your check. But if you get paid in cash, they don't reduce your check because they don't care. Um. Yeah. Hello, Everything That's Wrong With This Country! How are you today? You look like you've lost weight. We should totally do lunch. Then maybe you can explain how I too can get delusional enough to confuse "don't care" with "don't know." Moron.

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Paper Dolls for Boys said...

This reminds me of a conversation with a distant cousin (9yrs) on Thanksgiving. Me, "What's your favorite thing to do at school?" Him, "Play my (whatever the name is for his hand held device, can't remember)!" Me, "Do the teachers allow that?" Him, "Yeah. Unless they see it."

It was said with a total lack of irony or humor.

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