Alternate uses for your kid's Pottery Barn chair

Puppies are like crack. They chew your shoes and you want to swear them off. Then they plop their butt in a Pottery Barn chair and suddenly you can't live another day without taking at minimum twelve million photos of their never ending cuteness. For example, our new puppy Bruno turned his head to rest it on the arm of the chair and I decided I couldn't live without that picture too:

Then he moved around in the chair to get more comfy and his giant puppy paws were falling out of the chair and the sky would most likely have fallen on my head if I didn't capture the cuteness:

And then he walked over to me to ask me where I'd been all his life. No, wait. That was me that asked that.

So. Cute. I'm. Putty. In. His. Paws.


tara said...

I think that puppies and children were put on this planet to suck our brains out and make us do nothing but document their lives.

Trying to remember how I came across your blog and I honestly cannot. Nonetheless, I am here, and I am pretty sure I am sticking around.

auntie said...

adorable pics!

Ree said...

Oh mah holy hell. Nom. Nom. Nom. on that puppy face.

Anne said...

Our puppy has the same little bend in her tail!

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