Dead weight but cute

I decided to delay all thoughts of powers that be that be that have it out for me until Monday at the earliest. That did not stop me from sharing my C in leadership with everyone I know. One person actually gasped when I told them. Another was rendered speechless. Too bad speechless doesn't change my rating. Whatever.

In more pleasant news, we took the kids ice skating tonight. My husband stupidly promised the newest Kindergartener we'd go. I felt confident that we'd live to regret it. Or more specifically, that our aching backs would live to regret it. Here I am attempting to keep that Kindergartener upright:

She kept trying to walk across the ice and didn't understand why her feet would slide right out from under her. But at least I wasn't in charge of holding this one up all night:

Talk about dead weight. Kid couldn't skate by himself but didn't seem to understand that so he'd keep trying to skate off. He also attempted to slice my husband's finger off with his skate. It's a good thing he's so cute:

Speaking of cute, here's my husband with two children attempting to drag him to the ground:

The kids had a great time. My husband and I have back aches. But, seriously, the kids had so much fun. Thumbs up.

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