Email is free, dude

Yesterday was so awesome I had an awesome hangover today. Although, those are the best kind of hangovers. For example, they actually make it palatable when your new puppy wakes you up at 4 am and can't make up his mind. Outside. Inside. Outside. Inside. When I couldn't get back to sleep I just rolled my awesome hangover self right out of bed and started my day.

I was smiling at people as I rolled into work early. I got stuff done. I answered questions while getting stuff done. And I triumphantly charged around the office upon completing a big special project. Then, a higher up took a pin and burst my bubble by acting confused by my special project. Because, oh yeah, we decided to scrap that special project you just spent six hours on. In fact, we decided to scrap it last week but kept it a deep dark secret so you could flush six hours of your life down the toilet. Good one. Way to help my inbox fill up and my desk get overrun with crap. Solid work.

The best part of the revelation was when they said they scrapped the idea because no one turned anything in by the deadline. Except then when I asked when the deadline had been, they said there hadn't actually been one. So then their explanation switched to something about how no one said they were working on one. Except no one knew they were supposed to provide status updates. I'm pretty sure we also didn't realize that failure to provide status updates could get us out of the project entirely.

And when did they start charging for email? Because last time I checked it doesn't cost you a dime to kick a shout out when plans change. Might even save someone else six hours. Here's a template for future cancellation emails:

Dear peon,

Don't bother.

Can't be bothered


auntie said...

oh, don't u just LOVE the business world?? sometimes it makes me want to move to the mountains and never see civilization again...

...but i think i'd probably miss tv too much!

moArdy said...

Thats awful - I would've been so pissed!

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