Highlights from my day

1. My daughter explaining to me that "John Nicain" lost and that "Brock Boma" is going to be her new president. Then she asked me who my new president was going to be.

2. The World's Most Annoying Dog officially snapped out of his cute new puppy induced good behavior phase. I know this because the corner of my 400 thread count fitted sheet was laying on the floor three feet from the rest of the sheet.

3. Upon discovering the shredded sheet, I immediately debated how badly the sheet was shredded and the level of urgency to assign to changing the sheets. As I am nothing if not consistently lazy, I concluded that the shredding was livable enough that I didn't need to let it stop me from finding out who got eliminated on America's Next Top Model.

4. Crawling under desks attempting to complete a frivolous inventory at work. It's difficult to maintain the appearance of authority while on your hands and knees. That's on top of last week when I was constructing a New! And Exciting! visual goal display for my work unit. People kept walking into my office catching me in the middle of cutting out skiers and scotch taping mountains together to construct a Giant Slalom Winter Olympic display. It ended up looking pretty good but now I've got everyone asking me when I'm going to do some actual work.

5. My husband calling to tell me that his business trip will be lasting a few extra days. Super.

6. A mini Hersey bar swiped from my kid's trick or treat bucket and a cold glass of milk.

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