That's what you get when you don't knock on wood

Less than 24 hours after I wrote about how no one is chewing up any possessions that we love, a blue size 8/9 croc took one for the team. Our five year old claims her brother ripped it apart. Her 2 year old brother claims the World's Most Annoying Dog did it. And the new puppy, Bruno, had a large chunk in his mouth when I discovered the massacre. So I'm not really sure who did it. I'm just glad I lost my faith in our animals long ago and started buying back up pairs of crocs. Go, me.

In other news, am I the only person worried that Jon and Kate Plus 8 has taken a serious left turn sometime in the last six months? A left turn that may or may not be taking them into Jump the Shark territory. Remember when the show used to be like watching a scene out of a normal family life except with three times as many kids? Remember when you'd turn the television off after an episode and tell your husband about how you'd stab your eyes out if you had to deal with 8 small children everyday and how your life seems so much more doable if they can do it with 8?

Right. So someone needs to tell them to stop showing us all the free stuff they're getting now that their show is popular and telling us how above average awesome it is. If I wanted to watch Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, I would. So enough with the parade of free ski trips, beach houses, and backstage tours. Enough with the free teeth bleaching and hair implants. And enough with trying to tell us how much you appreciate all the freebies and then giving us the name and address of the fabulous resort you stayed at in San Diego. Seriously. E. Nough. We liked when you seemed normal. Normal people don't get free trips to Hawaii. Some of us haven't even been to Hawaii. So please reign it in. You're starting to lose me.

Although, for the record, I'll always like Jon and Kate more than the Duggars no matter how hard TLC tries to get me to watch that 17 and Counting Show. For real. Not gonna do it, TLC.


rachel said...

Ok, if I knew you for real, we would be friends.

I TOTALLY agree about Jon & Kate. I find that I now fast-forward thru most of their show. I don't want to see your fabulous master suite in San Diego or your private tour of the aquarium that isn't open to the public or all the Elmo gear that Sesame Place gave you. (Funny, when they were at SP my husband commented on how empty the restaurant was . . . I was like, um, yeah, b/c they closed it for the Gosselin's!) Am definitely over the freebies, go back to bickering and cleaning up puke.

I have to admit that I do watch the Duggars. My kids love it and it is family-friendly (to say the least!) My life is too wrapped up in tv (possibly TLC) because I had a dream the other night that I took the girl the oldest Duggar is marrying and took her to the mall for a What Not To Wear intervention. I know, I need to get a life.


Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Completely agree w/ you about
J&K+8. Where can I get a FREE TUMMY TUCK?

notevenatshirt vb said...

This is so funny because I just had a conversation about the same thing. I just keep thinking how nice it must be to have all the free stuff and then brag about it. They're losing me slightly too. I do, however, watch the Duggars because it's wholesome and okay for the kids and frankly, it's like staring at a train wreck. I just can't believe what my eyes are seeing!

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