I'll be drooling into my pillow with a dog seated on my head

The precious 100 pound baby is improving. He woke testy this morning barking randomly at people in his vicinity but picked it up after I smooshed his pain medication in cheese for him. He's taken roughly 9.2 naps today and has agreed to walk like a semi normal dog again. Although he's still limiting his movement to when it's absolutely necessary. So far absolutely necessary has included bathroom trips and when someone opens the refrigerator. Being on the prowl begging for table food makes me think he's on the mend.

I'm a little concerned about the fact that it's Sunday night and my employer will be expecting me to be awake and capable of rational thought tomorrow. I think you're supposed to start the work week well rested and refreshed. Too bad the new puppy I'm supposed to be potty training in my spare time enjoys nightly 3 am wake up calls. When I mentioned to my husband that my fatigue level is related to waking up in the middle of the night every night, he told me I should take Tylenol PM. Dude's nuts. Like any amount of sleep aid is going to render me capable of ignoring a puppy standing on my head moaning. Although, seriously, maybe I shouldn't have made fun of his suggestions. So. Tired. Can't. Possibly. Start. The. Week. Like. This. Tylenol. PMs. For. Everyone.

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