Things I love about my children

1. That they think the gingerbread at Soup or Salad is cake.

2. The dimple in my daughter's chin. Left side. Only when she's smiling really big.

3. That they need to run over and hug us repeatedly even when they're busy playing on a playground. Slide. Hug. Monkey bars. Hug. Shove your brother in the sand. Hug.

4. That they have a favorite section in Home Depot. Lawn mowers. Duh. I wish the entire store revolved around the lawn mower section so I could watch them pretend to drive and get my shopping done at the same time.

5. That they both love canned green beans. Better than fresh ones. We buy the cans by the case at Sam's. Garlic, onion powder, two minutes in the microwave, bam. If you want to make their day, give them some ketchup to dunk them in.

6. That my daughter's idea of a good time is a trip to Target to try on shoes. And not kiddie shoes. Heels that clomp.

7. That our two year old thinks sitting quietly on our laps for an hour during his sister's parent teacher meeting is big fun. The tube of Carmex we let him play with probably didn't hurt. I'm also happy to report that I'm unlikely to get a chapped chin or cheek anytime soon thanks to the large amounts of Carmex smeared on me by said kid during said meeting. He also flipped his Croc directly into the trash can making a loud noise in an otherwise quiet room. But my husband's hysterical laughter was the real distraction at that point so really the entire class turning to stare wasn't that kid's fault when you get right down to it.


Stephanie N. said...

What secret magical powers did you use to get your children to like canned green beans? I can tolerate them now, but when I was a kid, they made me gag. I am in awe.

Chaotic Joy said...

This is so cute. My husband texts. My son texts. And come Christmas my daughter will text and it still takes me like ten minutes and some inappropriate words to send one lousy text. I am stuck in my stodgy old ways. Although my daughters new phone has a keyboard and that has to make it easier than pushing numbers a certain number of times for each letter. Blah.

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