Signs that I am stupid

1. I was actually kind of surprised by the whole Jon & Kate Plus 8 photos with another woman/potential divorce crap. Although I'd given up watching the show several months ago after deciding all the freebie talk was too much for me, my jaw still sort of fell open when I saw the photos of Jon and some chick. Then, the People magazine cover story about Kate amazed me too. But it wasn't until I watched the interview with Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jodi that I decided it was all true. You know, sweet and kind Aunt Jodi that went to Oprah with them and lived around the corner and watched all the little kids on Friday mornings just to give Kate a break. She also once gave the little kids gum which Kate and Jon seemed to consider the stupidest decision ever made except I'm pretty sure I'd have let them have the gum too so whatever. I'm also the sort of person that would never take 8 kids to the Crayola factory and not let them use the markers so what do I know. Anyway, I totally believe Aunt Jodi. I do. And then it all made me sad. They just renewed their wedding vows! What the hell.

2. I googled "Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad girlfriend photos."

3. I don't plan to watch I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here but I cannot tell a lie. I may have to tune in occasionally if Spencer has to lay in a box of rats or something.

4. I just do not enjoy Adam Lambert as much as other people appear to. I'm not saying he's not talented. I'm just saying I'm not into him. Maybe it's the eye liner. Maybe it's that he comes across more Broadway than rock star. But I like Danny better.

5. I was sort of bummed Coach didn't win immunity on Survivor. I find him just as annoying and self absorbed as the next person but he's also oddly fascinating in that he doesn't seem to register how other people see him. And, come on, how funny would it have been to force the other people to live with him longer?

6. I've been watching Daisy of Love. I know. Enough said.


carosgram said...

Jon and Kate just makes me sad. I always liked them and their children. I am one of the ones who love Adam Lambert. Such vocal control, very original interpretations of the songs. I adored his Ring of Fire and his Mad World rocked mine. Good thing there is room for a variety of opinions. Thinking of you and wishing you the best

rachel said...

If I knew you in person I am sure we would be friends.

Ditto on J&K. I TOTALLY believe Jodi & Kevin. They looked sincere, even sad. They weren't all hyped up on spreading gossip. They just seemed like 2 people trying to tell the other side of the story.

I was laughing so hard when Coach got voted off Survivor b/c I knew the jury was A) Glad he got voted out but B) Sad for themselves b/c now they have to put up with him for a few days. He is definitely one of the most interesting characters they have ever had. And I think what the other Survivors said was true: he was afraid to go to Exile and the reason he didn't have fire or eat is b/c he can't fend for himself. But seriously? The ONLY "loved one" who came to see him was his Assistant Coach? Really? Dude has no parents, siblings, friends, girlfriend, cousins, nothing, no one to come see him? Gotta wonder about that.

notevenatshirt vb said...

our thoughts are always so much alike. as far as the Jon & Kate thing,I thought it was totally absurd until I read the people mag article by Kate and I sat there feeling shell-shocked. I'm so sad about it.
And I feel the same way about Adam...and I was heart-broken when Danny went home.
And I'm watching Daisy of Love too. Can't believe it. But can't help it either. I started watching Charm School too...even after I swore I wouldn't.

Positive & Present said...

LOVE your blog! I also was unhappy girl who is now trying to get happy. It's not easy but it's worth it. So glad to have found your blog! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link! WOW. It was kind of obvious Kate was trying to play it up for the cameras but her cold disconnected self came through loud and clear. Poor kids!

I do not have the guts to list all the reasons I am stupid. Very long list, starting with I knew everything you were writing about! TV is a drug.

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