Books the Imaginary Book Club is finally getting around to posting about Part 3

Someone commented not long ago that they were amazed at the number of books I read given that I have two small children. In another life, one that didn't involve child proof door knob covers, I actually read several books a month. Now I mostly read in the bathroom, on planes or in lawn chairs while the kids play in the driveway. Some mothers scrapbook. Other mothers garden. I read. And I guess I should also confess that I've been told I read a little faster than average. Handy during grad school but not something you can list on a resume. So anyway, now you know. On to the mini book reviews:

Middlesex: Interesting. Really, really interesting. Avoided it for awhile because I wasn't sure I'd be interested in reading about a hermaphrodite but I was wrong. Kept me reading waiting for the big reveal and I periodically wished I was Greek or Turkish. Fascinating.

Love Walked In: Hated it. No really. Boring. Predictable. Couldn't wait for it to end. But moderately touching at the end.

Me Talk Pretty One Day: I bet David Sedaris makes great dinner table conversation. If I were the sort of girl that threw dinner parties, I'd invite him. If I was the sort of girl that went to dinner parties, I'd jockey for a seat next to him at the table. Which is to say, he's everything I'm not. I'm like the chick you'd barely remember to invite because I barely remember to return your phone calls or email you back. I'm also the sort of chick that usually ends up listening to other people's stories rather than telling my own. Except this was a book not a dinner party and I was mostly pretty "eh" on it. Interesting stories. His family fascinates me. And his sister Amy should have her own reality show.

Why Moms are Weird: Liked it. Not even sure why. I think I identified with some of the main characters issues. Primarily the fact that you can't fix other people's lives for them.

Finger Lickin' Fifteen: Ok. So I like Stephanie Plum. I really do. But I'm tired of her lack of appreciation for Joe. Seriously. By book 15, chick should be capable of happily calling you her boyfriend. And if she can't, she's just not that into you. I also like more inept bounty hunting and less Lula. I'm worried I'm starting to lose my mojo on this series.

A Wolf at the Table: My least favorite Augusten Burroughs book. Well written and interesting but sad without the humor of his other books. I didn't even feel the urge to hang out with him like I normally do. Eh.

Barefoot: Knew exactly what would happen. Never doubted it for a second. But I liked it. Well written fluffy summer reading. Made me think I need a beach house.

Nineteen Minutes: Liked it a lot except for the ending. It just seemed to come from left field. But it was definitely a page turner.

Here on Earth: Liked it a lot. Wonderfully well written. Interesting characters. Wasn't entirely sure how it would end.

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auntie said...

I read Middlesex earlier this year and loved it. I took it as a recommendation from someone else's must-reads, so I had no idea what it was about until I read the book jacket! But since I'd put it on hold at the library, I went ahead and took it. So glad I did!

girlymama said...

thanks! i'm always looking for good books. i'm plowing my way through '3 sups of tea' right now.

Anonymous said...



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