5 seems pretty awesome

We recently took a week long vacation. That included the kids being out of school an entire week. First day back to school, the newest Kindergartener was hustling her brother through breakfast eager to get to school to tell her friends about her trip. We arrived a little later than normal and the rest of the class was already there. Upon appearing in the doorway, kids began excitedly whispering her name in awe just as if Santa had appeared with a sack of gifts on his back. Then, one after another every kid in the class ran over to hug her until they had formed a giant hugging circle of 20 kids with her in the middle.


No really. Feel your heart grow two sizes larger and then tilt your head to the side and sigh.

I subjected a room full of my peers to that story during a meeting later that morning at work. When I got to the end, my boss asked if that was a hint and then offered to organize a group hug so I wouldn't feel unloved. I said it loses something without the impromptu factor but that if she could locate 19 other people willing to pretend to be excited I wouldn't push them away. I'm a girl who knows you should take your cuddle where you can get it. And, quite frankly, I can't think of a better way to start your day than at the center of a giant group hugfest of people excited by nothing more than seeing your face.


Kristina said...

That's about the sweetest thing I've heard all day. Makes me look forward to the start of the school year. Now, if only my high school students were this sweet.

Anonymous said...

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