Five products I really like

1. Betty Crocker Cookbook the Bridal edition. My family has loved every recipe I've ever made out of it. Instead of buying myself new cookbooks to find recipes, I've decided to just start making my way through it instead. It also explains how to cook just about anything. It was a wedding gift from a great aunt who is clearly a gift giving genius. I would never have guessed how much I'd end up using it. If I weren't committed to buying people crap off their registry or giving cash, I'd give this as a wedding gift until the end of time.

2. Tonka Lights and Sounds fire truck. My three year old son has been playing with this almost daily for nine months now. I cannot for the life of me understand what's so great about it. Maybe that's because my testosterone count is too low. It does have lights and sounds but he doesn't even seem to care about that. He just enjoys opening the door, playing with the ladders, moving the fireman figure around and periodically rolling it up and down our hallway. Hello, great toy. It's nice to meet you.

3. AirBake Cookie sheets. I'll never bake cookies on anything else ever again. Now I understand how people get cookies that are slightly browned on top but perfect on the bottom. Thank you, Martha Stewart, for explaining to me why regular cookie sheets suck.

4. Bath & Body works antibacterial foaming hand soap. From my secret Santa at work. I have Midnight Pomegranate scent and it's lovely. And it doesn’t just smell better than our bulk purchased vat of antibacterial dial. It also comes out light and foamy instead of Dial’s slow drip. You know, the slow drip that falls on the counter three seconds after you move your hand and then everyone just leaves it there to dry and then it's a sudsy mess to get off. I've never bought anything from Bath & Body Works because it always just seemed so fluffy and unnecessary. Now my lovely bottle of hand soap is almost empty and I'm wondering what's so wrong with fluffy and unnecessary.

5. Freschetta Brick Oven frozen pizza. I like to keep a frozen pizza in the freezer as a "just in case." You know. Just in case I don't feel like cooking and starving children have me surrounded. Just in case every other morsel of food in the house sprouts wings and flies away. Just in case someone holds a gun to my head and demands pizza in 16 minutes or less. This pizza is a very acceptable "just in case." Even my pizza loving husband has deemed it satisfactory.


girlymama said...

that soap is my little indulgence. (like my only product that is not target brand ;-) i love it! it makes me happy! i love japanese cherry blossom best.

what a great list! thanks

Mark said...

Come Wednesday you can add the new Beatles Box set to your list. You must be drooling thinking about owning EVERY Beatles song possible.

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