Finding the only band aid in a fifty foot radius for the world's tiniest scratch

The newest first grader's class took two field trips last week. Having promised her long ago that she'd have a blood relative accompanying her on all her class field trips I marked my calendar and planned accordingly.

Everyone at my work wanted to know when her class isn't taking a field trip because two in one week seemed a bit much. I explained that one was a rescheduled trip that got rained out earlier in the year and what's it their business how I spend my day off anyway so just shut the hell up.

Ok. So maybe I didn't say shut the hell up. And, for that matter, I probably didn't even think it. Mostly because I'm exactly the sort of person that would tease a coworker claiming to be going on two field trips with their kid in one week. So it's only fair to take it on the chin when it's your turn. But this was legitimately two field trips in one week.

On our first excursion, we learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin. By the time we left, I was ready to move to the country and raise pumpkins for a living despite the fact that I'm allergic to yard work.

The second field trip was an urban nature hike. Beautiful day outside and the kids were really into it. I'm not sure why we needed to travel across town and pay $7 a person but I guess I'll defer to the educational experts I've entrusted my kid to.

Although, for the record, a kid in the class scratched her ankle during the field trip and my kid's first grade teacher didn't have a band aid when I brought it to her attention. Is it wrong to think that's odd? Because I think maybe I did. But I think maybe that makes me a big fat hypocrite because I didn't have a band aid in my purse either. So who am I to judge? Except no one was paying me to be there.

She probably doesn't need to carry band aids though seeing as how she's always got several mothers around and one's bound to have some. Sure enough, another mother came through with one and I think we all know she wins the uber mother of the year trophy. I aspire to be all things uber so I bought a tiny travel pack at Target today and have tucked it away in my purse for next time. To up the ante, I also threw in some Handiwipes and hand sanitizer.

Next time some kid decides to pick at a tiny scab on her ankle and it supposedly produces a drop of blood so minuscule it's invisible to the naked eye, I'm on it.

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