A 15 minute debate and I still don't know the difference

Tonight I made 96 crescent rolls and a giant vat of corn. Both are in preparation for a thanksgiving spread at work tomorrow. Which is odd because rather than potluck we typically do, we opted to collect money and have lunch catered. If I've been collecting $7 a person to avoid cooking, how'd I end up baking? These are the sort of questions my husband often asks. This time I think maybe he's onto something.

The problem started when we found a place to cater for $7 a person. Just when we're locked and loaded ready to order, the backseat drivers come out of the woodwork. There's nothing quite like listening to people offer endless critiques without offering constructive suggestions or even offering to help. The list of complaints included the quality of the food we were getting, who would be participating and whether there would be enough food for everyone. My personal favorite was the 15 minute discussion debating stuffing versus dressing. I didn't realize there was a difference so I certainly never realized so many people have so many strong opinions on which is better. Kill me now. Seriously.

I ended the debate by announcing that we'd be upgrading our order to be sure everyone's happy with it and that someone else will need to be in charge of the Christmas spread. And then I made 96 crescent rolls and a giant vat of corn to supplement our order to be sure tomorrow's spread meets everyone's standards. I'd like to think it's because I enjoy a good shindig. But part of me knows it's to be sure I prove the backseat drivers wrong. I figure that's what they get for subjecting me to the stuffing versus dressing debate.

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