From our tableclothed mismatched table to yours

Our dining room set remains as mismatched as ever but if you glam it up with a tablecloth and invite some insane people to eat with you, no one will ever be the wiser:

See? You barely noticed the tablecloth. Or any of the tasty food my husband cooked despite the fact that he was coughing and slightly feverish all day. Here he is trying to get more of his cooties on his legendary stuffing:

And here he is doing a French's shoestring onions ad:

The insanity runs strong in his genes and has successfully infected our babies:

That's my three year old attempting to "get dressed" for Thanksgiving dinner. I'd like to show you the "after" shot of him in a cute little sweater vest but my husband has a serious sweater vest allergy that extends to his offspring. And also, the kid with the underwear on his head never actually managed to get dressed and ended up wearing his pj's to the table. The same pajamas he wore all day. Which is like the perfect illustration of the kind of relaxed laid back sort of day we enjoyed. So is this photo:

I'm thankful for laid back days, a crazy family and the comfortable life we're fortunate enough to enjoy. Every day spent with them is a good one. Happy Thanksgiving from us to you.

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auntie said...

looks like the perfect holiday to me!!

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