It's the thought that counts

Santa was laying next to me on the bed watching football and shopping online for Christmas presents. We've got an easy in on the newest first grader this year because she's outgrown her old bicycle. It's sort of a gimme that Santa should bring a new one.

Santa's been debating 18 inches versus 20 inches tall ever since. Tonight he wandered into Amazon's musical instrument section and started suggesting we get her a guitar, too. And I don't mean some cheap electronic made in China crappy toy. It was an honest to goodness mini guitar. So I pointed out that she'd need lessons to really be able to play it. I was tempted to mention the episode of The Cosby Show where Theo wants to play the drums and is sadly disappointed by how long he'll have to take lessons to get to the cool drum solo he was envisioning in his head and Cliff knew that's what would happen the whole time. Anyway, Santa must not have seen that episode because then he points out that he could take lessons with her. So then I pointed out, But then we'd end up with two useless guitars.

And then we ate some Oreos and went back to watching Sunday Night Football.

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