Team Edward all the way

I walked in the kitchen this morning and announced that I'd be going to the movies to see New Moon. And then I did.

It was good. Mostly because I've read the books. I'm not sure if I'd like it if I wasn't already into the whole Twilight thing. The middle was a little slow but that's the same complaint I had about the book. And the ending was charming. I'm already excited to see the next movie and it made me bummed not to have new books in the series to look forward to. I miss the characters and I'm contemplating rereading the books to alleviate that. But maybe a reread would just make me miss them more. Dunno.

Having seen the movie, now I understand why everyone keeps talking about how hot Jacob looks. Dude was so shirtless it started to feel a little soap opera-esque. But he's definitely buff and sweet and total boy next door.

I'm still Team Edward all the way though. Sweet is nice. Mysterious is hot. I appreciate the strong, silent type. So much I decided to marry it and regularly force it to talk to me about the endless stream of inane crap that runs through my mind. Although I like to think Edward wouldn't "Shhhh" me until commercial.

Anyhoo, it was good but not great. The movie theater popcorn didn't hurt. Neither did the random shirtlessness. Thumbs up.

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