Movies Netflix has sent us

1. Gone, Baby, Gone - Not perfect but I still say thumbs up. Interesting. I couldn't get over the fact that the mother of the lost girl was Holly from The Office. She was amazing. And the ending left my husband and I debating who was right the rest of the night. I can't remember the last time a movie left us talking quite that much. Not perfect but I still say thumbs up.

2. Milk - No wonder Sean Penn won an Oscar. Holy cow, he was good. But I thought the movie itself was just kind of okay.

3. Knocked up - Liked it. It's not PG but it made us laugh. But I still don't believe a girl like that would fall in love with a guy like that. I realize she was pregnant and wanted to give him a shot for the sake of the baby, but whatever. He and his friends were idiots.

4. Doubt - Meryl Streep is great but I feel like I just announced to the world that water is wet. And is it just me or is Amy Adams just completely sweet and charming? I seriously love her. I can't decide if I'd want her to be my best friend or my daughter.

5. Tropic Thunder - Eh. But Tom Cruise was so funny it makes me laugh again just thinking about it.

6. Taken - Liam Neeson was good and so was the action. But I hated everything else. Especially the acting job of the girl playing his daughter.

7. Changeling - Eh. But Angelina Jolie was good. It still baffles me that anyone ever thought a mother wouldn't know her kid.

8. Superbad - Eh.

9. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Holy crap, I liked this movie. And I didn't even want to. Complete sob fest at the end. But, seriously, holy crap did I like this movie. Really good.

10. Gran Torino - Holy crap, I liked this movie, too. My husband liked it more than Million Dollar Baby. I think that's sort of blasphemous because I really, really loved Million Dollar Baby. But I really liked this movie too. But I liked The Curious Case of Benjamin Button more. Holy crap did I like that movie. It still amazes me how much.

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carosgram said...

I've loved Clint Eastwood since he was Rowdy. I thought Gran Torino was a marvelous movie and under rated and under watched. So glad you loved it also. I did like Curious but not as much as Gran Torino. I keep debating whether to get netflix as I really prefer to see movies at the theater. I never rent videos or dvd's. But there is something about netflix itself that is appealing. Thinking of you and wishing you the best

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