Stop skipping holidays

While driving to work yesterday, I noticed that Sirius satellite radio has already started playing Christmas carols. On two different channels no less. And it's not even Thanksgiving yet.


What the hell. Is waiting another week and a half so much to ask? Would it kill them to let us celebrate holidays in the correct sequence without randomly skipping over the ones that fail to produce carols?

Trying to get in the Thanksgiving spirit while listening to Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is the equivalent of attempting to remember how one song goes while listening to another song. You know, where the wheels in your head are turning and it's right there on the tip of your tongue but it never quite computes because the melody for the song that's playing just keeps throwing you off. And for a second while the wheels in my head were pointlessly spinning, I actually got sucked in and started thinking Christmas-y thoughts pondering when to bake cute Rudolph cookies using red M&Ms for noses and pretzels for antlers like I saw in some magazine recently and promptly decided my life wouldn't be complete until I'd made and delivered to one of my kids' classes.

Except it's not even Thanksgiving yet. Stop skipping holidays. The decorations on sale at Target before Halloween were bad enough.

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carosgram said...

It's all about $, isn't it?

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