This week in Reality Television: My current obsession

I'm currently obsessed with the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  My obsession, of course, includes watching the show and being super excited to see the reunion that's coming up.  But it also includes reading their blogs on bravotv.com and reading new stories about them.  And, yes, I do realize that "news" is a very relative term here when we're talking about stories I read on RadarOnline.com

But I cannot stop trying to figure out how Teresa wasn't in on setting up Melissa!  Mostly because she looks so convincing when she says she didn't know anything about it!  So maybe I'm not really trying to decide if she did it so much as I'm trying to figure out if she's the world's best liar or if she's one of those deluded people that just twists and justifies the facts in their head so much that they actually start to believe that what they are saying is the truth. 

But the guy even said it was planned by Teresa and Kim D!  And why'd Teresa have a conversation in the bathroom on camera about it with Melissa?  She could have gone without the camera.  Or, as soon as she saw the guy at the table talking to Melissa, she could have said something that resembled, Holy crap, what the hell are you doing here.  For that matter, why didn't he say something resembling, Fancy seeing you twice in one day.  Because if you didn't plan it, wouldn't it have been weird to see each other again.  And if that guy was going to the fashion show that night, why didn't he mention it to Kim and Teresa when they were at the Salon.  That's a normal topic of casual conversation that normal people have.  Instead, Teresa has no idea he was going to be there?

I also thought it was strange the guy worked at a hair salon for one day only.  I thought it was strange Teresa went there to get her hair and makeup done when she normally always has it done at home privately.  She also didn't say anything to Melissa that remotely resembled, I can't believe that guy was here.  That's a super strange coincidence.  I'm so sorry he was rude to you or was saying things about you.  That's not right.  She mostly just wanted to go over and over again with Melissa on camera what the guy said and all but come right out and asking Melissa if it's true even though she supposedly believes Melissa when she says it's not.  And why would Lauren say Teresa had told her Melissa was a stripper in the past if she wasn't.  And really nice low blow of Teresa to manage to throw in that Jacqueline used to be a stripper. Classy. 

But my personal favorite lie wasn't even in this episode.  Her best lie was when she said she doesn't get paid by any magazines to be on the cover while her husband was in another room telling the guys flat out, yes, they have been paid to be on covers and that the other guys would do it too if they got offered that much money.  But she can't even utter the simple sentence, yes, sometimes I get paid

It's all very strange.  Why would anyone set that up?  It's just super mean spirited with no possible redeeming silver lining positive about it.  And according to the bible of hard hitting news, RadarOnline.com, now Bravo is thinking of giving Teresa her own show.  Come again?  I thought she and her husband were funny the first season.  But I've been in disbelief for two seasons now trying to figure out who buys her cookbooks or Bellini drinks.   Do those people have nothing else to spend their money on?  Are the recipes that good?  How can that possibly be?!

Oh, and seriously, how fun were Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, on Watch What Happens Live after the finale Sunday?  If you didn't stay tuned for it afterwards, bummer.  Highlights included how knowledgeable and opinionated they both were on the show and them acting out a scene between Melissa and Joe.  And Mark actually said out loud exactly what I'd been thinking when he pointed out that this is the 3rd year in a row that fashion show has turned into a complete train wreck and how the hell do they get any of them to agree to go to it year after year.  He speaks the truth, my friends.

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