Somebody had a birthday

We celebrated her ninth year of life with a big bowling/laser tag party at a location that did not require us to clean anything or hide the massive piles of laundry laying around our house.  The newest nine year old had friends, way too many presents and it was all about her.  She was in heaven.  She also successfully convinced her parents to join the 21st century and let her have her very own iPod Shuffle.  Her gasp of delight is the reason video cameras were invented.  Sadly, we're too stupid to use the one we own to capture the moment so all we have are iPhone photos.  Try to imagine them with audio.  Feel free to imagine them with a soundtrack and professional editing while you're at it.   
My husband and I prepped her Shuffle ahead of time with songs we know she likes.  You know.  Party in the USA, multiple Taylor Swift songs and Call Me Maybe.  Nothing but quality fluff for our baby! My husband was confused when I pointed out that Sexy and I Know It might not be a great choice for a 9 year old.  It wasn't until I told him to imagine her walking around the house singing along with it that he got my drift and deleted it.  

The new 9 year old ate cookie cake for breakfast two days in a row, vegged out on the couch playing Wii with her uncle and has her BFF on the schedule for an overnighter next weekend.  Life is good.

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Jean said...

Life is great at 9 Thanks for sharing!!

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