Weigh In: The Number Game

I am a girl who weighs herself every single morning when I am actively trying to lose weight. I'm very aware that most people and respected weight loss programs do not recommend this. I do not care. I like to see the tiny little downward fluctuations and they put a spring in my step to keep on keeping on. Little upward fluctuations motivate me to pay more attention. For example, when things are going well sneaking a french fry off your kid's plate is no big deal. If I've fluctuate upward .4 pounds that morning, everything adds up including one french fry here and one taste of birthday cookie car there.

I'm also aware that it's not good to let a number on the scale decide how well your health kick is going. I know feeling good and having energy should be the deciding factors. So why, might I ask, does it put such a spring in my step to finally have made the leap to a full 30 pounds lost? Because I did. And I smiled a lot the whole day. I also took new progress photos. To hell with the people that say it's not about the number. Because sometimes it is.


Eric Childers said...

My eight year old son and I have only been using Ten Minute Trainer for a week and a half and we are both seeing results. My sister said this is the first time she has seen my waistline since my C-section and two hernia surgeries. This is very exciting for me. I wasn't sure it was possible! My son has shown progress, too. He is a big and tall 8 year old, weighing in at 85 pounds. We did this workout together to keep him in shape in between baseball season and football season. Check out www.fatlossfactoring.com/10-minute-trainer to try it out!

Veronica said...

I'm the same way... I weigh every day when I'm trying to lose weight. And I think you're doing an amazing job! Way to go! It is very inspiring to watch!

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