World Class Bedhogging

A nine year old with a stomach ache appeared at my bedside at 3 am recently.  After medicating her, she ended up laying down in our bed.  We both eventually dropped off to sleep.  I didn't sleep well the rest of the night.  In morning, the reason quickly became apparent.

That small open spot in the bottom left is where I was sleeping.

If you are amazed that my big booty fit in that scrap of bed, you're on to something.  Because it didn't.  I was curled up into a ball as much as I could but part of me was still hanging out over the edge of the bed.  And the rest of me was weighted down by 100 pounds of dog butt and kid legs. The legs being more of a draped type thing resulting from the lovely angle she chose to sleep in.  The dog butt being more of a wall that has fallen on your legs and pinned you down.

Even in a family full of experienced bed hoggers, that's some world class bed hogging.  Her father would be proud.

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