Weekly Workout Recap: Diploma in hand

My legs are currently so sore I actually groan a little when I climb upstairs.  My weekly summary from MapMyRun might make it seem like that's because I overdid it on Thanksgiving.  But that just goes to show that MapMyRun doesn't know everything.

I ran a Thanksgiving morning 5K Turkey Trot to officially pick up my Couch to 5K diploma.  My children slayed me by writing encouraging stuff all over the goofy homemade hat I wore to the race.
My personal favorite was "Run, Momma, Run." But my six year old's "you go" is pretty nifty, too. And no need to worry, I blended right in with that madness on my head because everyone in my posse got their own equally stupid handi craft hat.  Here we are pre-race.  
Although the game plan was for my Italian Stallion husband to run with me, we had two pint sized runners that could not be convinced to walk with other family members.  When their gas tanks finally ran low, my husband hung back with them.  I'd say I raced off into the distance but it was super crowded so I mostly zig zagged back and forth and dodged walkers, dogs and parking meters.

My favorite part of the race was one nice long and wide street that went downhill and had a pleasant breeze going our way.  It was like running nirvana for eight blocks.  The opposite of running nirvana was discovering that they put the finish line at the top of a long steep hill.  Total party foul.

Despite the hill at the end and no space to run, I crossed the finish line at 35:09.  And I ran. the. whole. way.  I consider it a victory and am beyond proud of myself.    It's also a great start for my running career (Did I just say that?!) since I know the crowd slowed me down which almost guarantees that I'll be able to PR (personal record) my next 5K. 

My 10K training took a bit of a backseat this week with only one training run doing five 10 minute runs with short breaks in between (Week 10 Day 1).  50 minutes of running in total which I successfully completed. It still amazes me I didn't fall out.  The breaks in between were the only thing that saved me. 

The other miles are more of my usual walking.  But none of that is what has turned my legs to jello.  The leg killer was 3 days participating in a local charity boot camp.  Squat. Squat. Lunge. Squat.  Repeat.  Followed by wind sprints followed by let's carry this 10 pound slam ball up a hill.   Thought we were done?  Wrong! Now let's do mountain climbers.  And burpees.  And still more squats.  And then let's do everything again.  Woohoo! My legs.  Heaven help me, my legs.  Send ice packs and ibuprofen my way.

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Shan said...

Congratulations!! It sounds like you had a great first race. Good for you. Love the hats.

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