A few highlights to get us up to speed

So I've had a busy 2 weeks.  None of it documented here on my blog.  But still busy.  And I'm going to start making up for it!  Right now in fact!

First, my nomadic husband flew into town just in the nick of time to take our Christmas baby out to celebrate his 7th birthday.  That kid's pretty well screwed and has slim to no chance of a big party on the actual anniversary of his birth.  So we like to try buy his happiness every year by taking him somewhere fun.  This year we hit Medieval Times.  I defy you to find anything cuter than my baby bear wearing a birthday crown and getting knighted.

Holy crap that kid on his knees swimming in velour kills me.  He and his sister both had a blast.
Two thumbs way up. Totally worth the insanely inflated price tag.

We also had Christmas.  Behold our tree: 
Now behold my daughter with the giant bag of charcoal Santa left for her under the tree:

Ah, witty father-daughter who deserves coal more humor.   I know what you're thinking.  Isn't charcoal different than actual coal?  To which, my husband says, shut up. Life don't get much better than that.

Or does it?

Here's my son with the foam gingerbread house we made on Christmas Eve:

And here's what any good kid does as soon as his dear sweet mother tells him to smile for a photo:

Wacked out kid.  Can't imagine where he gets it:

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