Weigh in: How to make a a cruddy day great

Yesterday was a great day.

I woke up late.  Had to run in the pitch black on a route I'm not familiar with.  Forgot my sweatband.  Felt like a hamster running non stop on a wheel all day at work.  Served breakfast for dinner.  Yawned 813 times during the kids' piano practice.  Barely held myself together waiting for prescriptions at CVS.  Shoved everyone in the shower and we were all wearing pajamas by 7:30.

None of that typically makes my day great.

Luckily, my total weight loss hit 45 pounds that morning and everything that happened after that was meaningless. I was mentally doing cartwheels and grinning from ear to ear all day.  I even introduced myself on a dull and lifeless teleconference at work with a noticeably peppy exclamation point at the end.

I'm typically the girl that can't really tell when  people lose a little weight.  But even I can finally see the difference.  Before photos suck when you take them.  But they only get more fun along the way!

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Shan said...

That's amazing! Congratulations to you!

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