Project 365: Day 13 to Day 19

Day 13: The Odd Life of Timothy Green.  Thumbs up from everyone.  I didn't think I'd like it and ended up crying at the end. Very sweet.

Day 14:  I was late getting out the door to come home from work so everyone piled into the car to let someone else do the cooking.  I like that the restaurant doesn't make me wash the dishes afterwards.  The kids like that they get unsupervised visits to the soda machine. 

Day 15: Snow!  My nine year old was convinced snow on the ground meant no school.  Someone was slightly disappointed when she got dropped off at school that morning. 

Day 15: Someone decided to stack a mountain of crap in the doorway to our bedroom.  Then his sister decided to act out The Princess and The Pea while he went back and forth through the "tunnel" under her legs.  Huh?  And I'm sure those darn kids are also to blame for the half full suitcase still laying on the floor two weeks after we got back from our trip.  

Day 16: Best healthy snack ever.  Roasted red pepper and sesame hummus and Special K cracker chips.  You get 30 chips for 110 calories and they don't taste like cardboard.  In fact, my 7 year old likes them, too.  They're tasty.  And they have other flavors, too.  And they're all good!  Beware of the Sour Cream and Chive flavor though because you may or may not be forced to inhale the entire box in one day. Possibly in one sitting.  Possibly not a great thing to do.  My point is they taste surprisingly good.

Day 17:  I almost feel guilty being so excited once everyone finally falls asleep. 

Day 18:  Someone claimed he was sick and leveraged it right into our bed.  Happiest sick kid I've ever seen.

Day 19:  Actual sickling.  Leveraged it into hogging our entire bed.  She was hot then cold then hot then cold.  Meanwhile her brother was building a fort out of every blanket we own so we had to dismantle his structure every time she got cold.  Brokering a deal with him for blankets was like trying to broker a deal with a hyena. 

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