Project 365: Day 20 to 28

Day 20:  Someone located a mini Christmas tree on deep discount at CVS for $2.50.  Someone had $100 in Christmas money burning a hole in her pocket.  Someone has big plans to decorate it every month with a different theme.  Someone else kinda threw up in her mouth just thinking about having to see that thing in June covered in sea shells. 

Day 21: My seven year old's plans for secret world domination as a double agent super spy.  It's almost insane how much I love this piece of paper and the window into his brain.  Allow me to translate.  Boss on the left.  Enemies on the right.  Under boss, places spies go including California, New York, Las Vegas and Florida.  The places are accompanied by boxes with his assigned ratings for those locations. Under "enumes" (enemies) on the right, he's listed a bunch of crap I can't translate to save my life followed by an extensive list of gadgets.  He apparently thinks spy gadgets include helicopters, bomb, shield, laser gun, bazooka, laser beams gun, laser beam force field, rocket, bow and arrows, wings and ninja star

 Day 22: A little screen time on our fake Ipad.

Day 23:  McFlurries for everyone! Except me! Although I did taste test everyone else's!

Day 24:  His wife bought him that. But he wore it because it's true.  Best t-shirt ever. Endlessly pleasing to look at. He's fronting like it's not awesome. Except it is and he thought so, too.  The thumbs were my suggestion.  Clearly.

Day 25:  Alternate uses for the yoga ball.  I like that she's convinced her brother that him handing her the ball is an actual activity and that he happily agreed to participate in the activity for 15 minutes.  Let's all agree to not look at the crap everywhere on the floor around them.  Let's also agree to pretend that that crap was only there that day and not a whole week.

Day 26: My rainbow pedicure needed a touch up.  This time utilizing the space age technology of crackle polish.  She successfully got some on my nails.  She also successfully got some all over my big toe while busy explaining to me how good she is at painting nails. 

Day 27: Someone with pretty eyes and a pretty smile was happy to be home with his family for several days.

Day 28: Holy crap those are huge pancakes. I think that waitress is going to hell for violating the moral code of human decency that requires her to mention the size of the pancakes when an idiot like me tries to order her kid a stack of two.  Seriously.  I ordered her not one but two pancakes with a diameter wider than her head and the waitress kept a straight face and turned the order in.


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Love the pictures Kim, thanks granny

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