Project 365 - Day 6 to 12

Day 6: Max and relax Sunday after returning from our travels.  Testing out nail polish she got for Christmas putting a different color on every one of my toes.

Day 7: Back to work after 2 1/2 weeks off.  Traffic was light but my day was hectic as I settle into my new job after a recent promotion.

Day 8: Random bedtime leaping!  Who needs a reason to jump around like a crazy person? Not her!

Day 9: Reviewing spelling words.  A certain someone had 600 words to master over Christmas break and opted to save 300 for once we got back.  Perfect!

Day 10: More homework.  This time reading followed by a book report.   To keep it interesting we waited until bedtime to start.  Parent of the year!

Day 11: Everyone snuggled up on our bed after a long week of trying to settle back into our routines.

Day 12: Trying to decide how to spend Christmas money burning a hole in their pockets.  He was pretty committed to the Nerf aisle.  He also blew $6 on a clearance priced ring in the jewelry section.  He keeps wandering around wearing it big pimpin' style.  He's confused about why I think it's funny.  She temporarily fell into the Barbie rabbit hole but decided 14 waiting for at home for her was enough. 

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